How to Speed Up a Video on iMovie on iPhone in 2022?

How to speed up a video on iMovie on iPhone? most of us shoot a lot of videos and want to make them a reel. It can be for Instagram and for other apps too. Also, Do you want to speed up a video on iMovie on iPhone? Obviously, by using the iMovie app you can customize your videos easily.

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For Instagram reels, I always use the iMovie app which makes it more attractive and engaging. You can also use third-party apps which have a lot of features as compared to free apps.

In this article, you will learn the simple steps to speed up a video on iMovie on iPhone. Also, about different speed editors in iMovie.To make your reels more engaging, do read the below article.

What are the ways to speed up a video on iMovie on iPhone?

Following are the steps to speed up a video on iPhone on iMovie.

Create a new project in iMovie.

Firstly, click on the app and a “New Project” screen should pop up.

Choose editing mode.

Secondly, choose between a Movie (custom create your movie with photos, videos, and music) or a Trailer (which provides a template to create your Hollywood-style movie trailer).

Transfer the video that you want to speed up.

Then you can browse through your albums. Also, Select the video clip you want to speed up and it will be transferred into the video editor.

Change the video speed.

Click on the video clip and a toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

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Now tap on the “Speed” button. Now, you have to slide left to slow it down and right to speed up the video up to 2x speed. Hence, iMovie speeds up the clip on the iPhone.

What are the third-party apps to adjust video speed on iPhone iMovie?

After researching, I have selected the best third-party apps to adjust video speed which is following

1. Slow Fast Motion Video Editor

Cost                               $5

It is easy and works well. You can speed up and slow down video clips on your iPhone. Also, you can increase a video up to 2x and decrease it up to ¼.

2. Video Speed Editor Slow & Fast

Cost                               $5

“VideoSpeed” is an efficient editor. Now, divide your video clips into multiple short clips and then set the preferred speed for the individual clips. You can easily speed up your video up to 8x faster and -8x slower. 

3. SloMo Video Editor

Cost                               $10

SloMo Video Editor allows you to adjust video speed with the desired control. The main feature is, the ability to let you edit video speed up to 240 fps or 12x faster/slower.

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Frequently asked questions about how to speed up a video on iMovie on iPhone

How to speed up video on iMovie iPhone more than 2x?

The clip menu appears at the top of your screen. To speed up the chosen video, choose Clip > Fast Forward, and then choose a multiple: 2x, 4x, 8x, or 20x.

How to make a video slow motion on iMovie iPhone?

Open the Camera app and choose the phone’s fps. Click on the “record” button. Your iPhone should be 11 or 12 or above. Click on the Record button again to end your video. Your video will be automatically saved in the iPhone library.

How to fast forward on iMovie on an iPhone?

On your Mac, choose the clip whose speed you want to change. Click on the Speed button and controls will appear. Now, select either Slow or Fast from the Speed pop-up menu and click a speed button to set the speed.

What is the reason that the speed grayed out on iMovie?

The reason that the speed button may be grayed out is due to the still selected image rather than a video clip. And you cannot adjust the speed of a still clip because there is no frame rate to adjust. 

Is speed ramping changing speed?

Speed ramping is when you slowly change the speed of a video clip.


In this article, you have learned how to speed up a video on iMovie on iPhone. Following are the simple steps

  • Create a new Project in iMovie.
  • Choose Editing mode.
  • Transfer the video that you want to speed up.
  • Change the video speed.

Pro Tip: iMovie is designed to preserve the pitch of audio clips that are either slowed down or speed up.

If you want to know about the best premium apps with the enhanced feature, read the above article. Also, if you are stuck at one point and don’t know what to do. 

Do tell us in the comment section. We will give you the best and easy solution in the next article. Hit the like button so I will get to know that you liked the article.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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