Tinder Matches not Showing Up: How to Fix in 2023?

Tinder is a great way to find your perfect match for yourself. But, if you don’t have any matches, Tinder will find them for you. But, what if your Tinder matches not showing up?

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No worries, you can easily fix this problem by applying different solutions such as rebooting your device, checking or altering your internet connection, or subscribing to Tinder Gold. I use Tinder Gold which is free of any glitches and fast.

Also, in this article, you will learn solutions to your Tinder messages which are not visible anymore. To know how to fix Tinder matches, check the solutions.

How can you fix tinder matches not showing up on Tinder?

You can fix Tinder matches not showing up on Tinder by following fixes.

Check internet connection

If you are using a Gold Tinder account, you can have a bad internet connection. Due to the bad connection, sometimes it does not show you the matches on the page you like.

Check your router first if it still doesn’t work, alter your internet connection. For example, you can connect your laptop to your phone’s internet using a hotspot. And if you are using mobile data convert it into WiFi

As soon as your connection is set, you will see the matches on Tinder.

Get TinderGold 

If Tinder matches still not showing. Now, it’s time to move the upgraded app Tinder Gold. Subscribe to the Tinder Gold app also. After subscribing to the premium membership, it will show you swipes and matches. 

If you want to also use the Like feature on Tinder then subscribe to Tinder Platinum or Tinder Gold. Furthermore, subscribe to it and get more likes easily than you can match. Open the Tinder app and click on the profile icon. Now click on settings and Get Tinder Gold.

Restart your device

If your Tinder is not showing matches then rebooting your device sometimes solves the problem. You can use that fix to any method to solve your problem. After rebooting or restarting your device. 

Now, check your Tinder app if it’s showing you matches or not. Wait for a few seconds first. So, it can load properly.

Why are your tinder messages not showing up in 2023?

Check your internet connection first if it’s properly connected or disconnected. Also, switch the internet from mobile to WiFi. Uninstall the app and again install it. Rebooting your device sometimes fixes the problem. Using these fixes, tinder messages will start showing up on your Tinder app.

Frequently asked questions

Why are your Tinder matches not showing up?

If only some of your or only one match has disappeared. It means that the person has deleted their account or ended the match. Also, if one of your matches has no more on Tinder when they again create an account on Tinder. Tinder will show them to you in your card stack.

Why is your tinder not showing up?

Sometimes it’s due to an old Tinder account. Subscribe to Tinder Premium and it will show your matches.

How much time does Tinder take to show its matches?

Tinder takes only some minutes to show it. But, sometimes it takes some hours. Also, if you haven’t any matches on your account, it will take a day or two.

Is shadowbanning real on Tinder?

Yes, shadowbanning is real. The shadowban remains forever with you, the same as your Tinder ban. Once your account is shadowbanned, you can’t fix it easily. The only fix you can do is reset your account.

How can you simply find your matches on Tinder?

Login into your Tinder account and on the left side of the sidebar, you will see a list named ‘Matches’

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In this article, you have learned about how to fix Tinder matches not showing up. The quick fixes to show are below.

  1. Check the internet connection.
  2. Get Tinder Gold.
  3. Restart your device.

Pro Tip: Turn on the location or use a VPN if the above fixes don’t work.

Now, you can easily see your matches after applying these solutions. Make sure if one fix doesn’t solve the problem, move to another one. Also, if your problem remains the same after using these fixes, contact Tinder customer support. They will surely fix your problem.


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