View Cleared Notifications iPhone 12 and others See Old Notifications on any iOS Device

View Cleared Notifications iPhone 12: Notifications are a little reminder that shows up on your screen when an App on the device wants your attention. Sometimes you just want to look at the screen and don’t want to open the app but you mistakenly swipe away the notification for no reason.

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Maybe you’re swiping in a hurry or you accidentally cleared everything in the notification center without meaning to. So here’s a complete guide for you if you want to view cleared notifications on iPhone 12 or any Apple device.

How to View Cleared Notifications iPhone 12?

When you set the notification settings on your iPhone. It means you only want a certain notification to appear on your screen. This also lets you control how they appear on your phone. This way you don’t get distracted from the notification you don’t care about.

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If you don’t want to receive any notification from a certain app, disable the “allow notifications.” Here you can control notifications from every app on your iPhone. Just open the setting, go to the notification, and select the app you want to set notification settings.

How to see cleared notifications on iPhone?

As for the past notifications on iPhone 12 or any other model. There is no native way to show past notifications on iOS devices. But I’ve got a trick for you to see past notifications on iPhone 10, 11, 12, 13, and all pros models.

To see cleared notifications on iPhone you must jailbreak it. Here I assume you know what jailbreak is and how to jailbreak your iPhone. You have to jailbreak your iOS if you want to view cleared notifications on iPhone 12 or other models.     

How to show past notifications on iOS?

There are many tricks to jailbreak your iPhone, it also depends on the iOS version of your iPhone. You can easily jailbreak your iPhone using the checkra1n, you can jailbreak iOS & iPadOS 12.0-14.5 using checkra1n.

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After jailbreaking, use checkra1n to install “Cydia” on your iPhone. Open Cydia, and search for the app called “ApnHistory.” Launch the app, on the home screen of the app, you can easily see past notifications on your iPhone 12. The “ApnHistory” only shows the notifications that have existed after the app is installed.      


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