10 Facebook Safety Tips Which Are specially For Teenagers


Facebook is an entertainment and Social media site but it can be scary if a person has not taken safety measures to protect himself.

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With a very heavy heart, a person must admit that there are good and bad people all around us. Some people are always in search of making trouble for others.

In this article, you will come to know about the safety tips youngsters must follow to ensure the security of their accounts on Facebook.

Registration after 13 years

Facebook won’t allow its users to be under the age of 13, if a person tries to make an account who is below 13 then he/she will not be eligible for this post with their real age. But if you try to put the wrong age just to fulfill the age criteria then Facebook can easily terminate the ID along with the whole content if you proved to be a liar.

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Never use complete real names

Facebook doesn’t allow its users to use fake names; rather, short names or nicknames are acceptable in its policy. It is encouraged that a person doesn’t use a complete real name as it causes the trackers and other predators to attack easily. A person can be easily attacked by thieves if the information is available on Facebook.

Strict Privacy Settings

If a person wants to move easily on all the sites of Facebook then it is mandatory to make the privacy strong.  It is important that only the persons who are known and who are friends of us can watch our activity, status, profile, and content. Unknown and new friends should be at one arm’s length.

Discouraged to Show information about Contact

Never make the email or the information about contacts public to all as it may cause different hackers and thieves to use the information for wrong purposes. It is encouraged that Facebook friends won’t be allowed to see such information, rather the real friends already have a contact number or email address. It is better to move away from the fuss of people and live with fewer but true people.

Never Share Location

It is better to never tell on Facebook that you are traveling anywhere in the World because predators are always in search of robbing people. It may be true that a person has put Facebook status alone at home but one of the friend’s IDs got hacked and another person who is in intention to do wrong got that you are alone and may cause harm to you.

Report option

If a person is threatening you or harassing you then nothing needs to be worried about because Facebook has a solution to this problem as anyone can report abuse or harassment on Facebook and Facebook took quick action against the doer. If a person finds that his/her account got hacked then it is important to report the hacker or account as other people may become safe from the scams.

Act Smart and put Smart password

A password must be Strong and always log out from the public devices after using them. A password must contain words and alphabets so that no one can break it. A person thinks of others while using social media as it causes hurt to other’s feelings and emotions.

These are the main safety rules used for the security of a Facebook account. You can read more informative and interesting articles on our website. Thanks for your time, we are here to serve you.


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