2 Easy And Quick Methods For Setting Up VPN On Android Devices?


Many people talked about Android. It is important to mention that it is the most important and popular operating system for mobiles all over the world. Android devices are very popular among smartphone shipments as it has a share of 84.6%. It is important to mention that the population of the world is using Android mobiles and also connected to Internet Services almost every time.

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Sometimes a person wishes to use VPN as you have stumbled upon the desired place. Most people don’t know how to use VPN on Android mobiles. This article will discuss two important methods of using VPN on Android phones.

How do I set up a VPN on Android?

On the internet mainly two processes are used by the users while working with VPN on Android phones. The first method is by setting up a third-party application on the Android phone while the other method is known as the manual method which is by PPTP configuration. Both of these methods are discussed clearly in the article below:

Through PPTP Configuration

Using the PPTP configuration method a person can set up a VPN service on Android phones. The fault of this process is that it might be tiring but it is the working and fluency of the VPN. This method is mainly for the users of Android 4.x.x and above. The steps that are involved in this method are given below:

  • The main step is to connect to a VPN of your choice. Search the ‘Settings’ icon present in the device and tap on it to open up. Tap on the ‘VPN’ option which is present below the ‘Wireless and Network option. If a person becomes unable to find the VPN menu then select the ‘More’ option which would represent below wireless and networks menu.
  • After selecting the VPN option search for the ‘Add a VPN Network’ option and if you won’t find this option select the ‘+’ icon present at the upper part of the screen. Now it is important to ask the VPN provider about the server address, password, and username. 
  • A person must name the VPN according to your desire and enter the server name, username and password when it is asked and select the ‘Save’ button.

In this way, a person has successfully made a VPN connection after selecting the network name a person can access all the restricted sites on Android mobile.

Through Third-party application

Using a VPN with a third-party application is quite an easy task. A person can witness a large number of applications present on the Play Store related to the VPN service. An application which is known as VPN clients lets you create a connection on an Android phone using VPN. A person doesn’t need to set up any VPN on the device or put any VPN information on the application. 

There are different options present for a user on a VPN client. you just need to select the desired service from the given options. The most popular service people use on Android mobiles is HideMyAss and a person can access this service easily from the Google Play Store. This service provides the user a large number of options for choosing the desired service according to speed and reliability. 

A person just needs to download the VPN client and select the ‘Connect’ option present on the screen. In this way, a person can gain access to all their favorite websites without any interruption from internet sponsorship.

What is the easiest way to set up a VPN?

The best way to use VPN is to first line up the VPN components and prepare all the devices. Then download the VPN client and login to VPN after that choose the VPN protocols and check the troubleshoots. Fine-tuning the connection is the last and the most important step.

How do I create a VPN without an app?

Using VPN without an application is done by moving towards the ‘Settings’ and selecting the ‘More’ option. Tap on the ‘VPN’ option and then the ‘+’ option after that you just need to put all the credential information about the VPN provider and in this way you can enjoy VPN.


In this article, a person became aware of the two main methods of setting up a VPN on an Android phone. The speed of the internet would depend upon the VPN service as both of these methods are most reliable. The above-mentioned services are the best for using VPN as they are located in every part of the world. VPN protects your privacy and other concerns and helps you experience the best features with great speed.


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