3 Ways To Use The Clubhouse App On Your Computer Windows, Mac


The clubhouse app is one of the most popular audio chat social media platforms that are available for iPhone users but after some time it can be used on Android too.

While the official desktop version of the clubhouse app is not available anywhere it is such a disappointing thing to have the platform on Android but not on your computer.

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Well now, it is possible to use this app on your PC in three very simple and different three ways. We are going to learn how we can activate the Clubhouse app on our computer.

We all know that the listener is joining the app of forecast and listening in numerous amounts. It is a very intellectual task to moderate and manages the rooms of podcasters for speakers.

 Most people like to listen to audio shows on their computer because it is more easy and convenient and now it is possible to use the Clubhouse app.

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Use the clubdeck:

The  Club deck is related to the Clubhouse app but it is an official desktop client. By using the club deck you can easily access the Clubhouse app on your PC or Mac computers by following the very simple and easy steps.

  • Through a search engine, search the website of club deck.
  • you have to download the app clubhouse on your computer on the desktop.
  • After visiting the website, complete the process of setup.
  • Now open the Clubhouse app and then complete the process of registration by adding your number and then submit.
  •  Enter the OTP that you are required to use through club deck.
  •  Now enjoy listening.

2 Step Blue Stocks & iMazing

1.Blue stocks

It is a popular emulator for the users of the window on their PC. It is usually installed to start the Clubhouse. 

  • Go to the official website of BlueStacks.
  • Make the setup run and finish the installation of blue stocks.
  • If you want to run this app you need to sign in with your Google account thoroughly.
  •  and then install the Clubhouse app from the Play Store.
  •  after the completion of the Clubhouse, the app opens it and enters your username.
  • The person who already has an account on Google needs to sign in with their mobile and then the process is done. Now you can enjoy listening to Clubhouse without any hesitation on your PC.

Well, it is the most reliable website on the lens to get a mood because it will give you a very easy and excessive use and you can feel the listening one and other features that loose talk provide you that you can freeze to improve the performance.


It is a very intellectual and multipurpose app. In this app, you can transfer your data and create a backup on your iPhone and iPad but first, you have to install the Clubhouse app on the machine named Mac machine.

  • So if you want to use this app you have to download it from its website once it is downloaded on your PC double-click the DMG name the fire that exists in this app and now click on the button of continue trailer for permission or license.
  •  Now go to the menu and select the option of configuration and then go to the area of the library.
  •  In the area of the library, you got the apps option.
  •  Not an app on the app and App Store button to download the Clubhouse.
  •  Before installing this on your iPhone you first need to install it on your Mac.
  •  After the completion of installation, write Tab on the app and export it to the desktop.
  •  Once the app is exported you can easily use this app by double-clicking on it.

Another method is to use the Android Studio on your PC to start this clubhouse app on your phone. but the option of using Clubhouse on multiple devices is not available because it will automatically be removed from one device when you’re locked in another one.


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