7 Biggest Tech Companies Of Tech In 2021


Numerous companies sell a lot of products daily. Most of them are very popular and fascinating with their work and they are also making a lot of money through online work. So if you want to do a job in a reliable Company. e to invest in your business. Here we have the best tech companies all over the world.

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All these companies are linked together at one point they are doing their jobs through Software Solutions to make their progress. Let’s have a look.

Apple Inc.

This company was founded by Steve Jobs Steve and his colleagues in 1976. This journey was a successful journey related to electronic gadgets from the first Apple computer to the iPhone. It was a successful and long journey.

The main products of this are the iPhone, the iPad, and the Macintosh. It is worth almost 260 billion dollars. And its employee count is 137,000.

It is also recognized as one of the biggest Rich Companies that supply millions of electronic goods and services to its users.

Alphabet Inc.(Google)

Google was restructured in 2015 and after that alphabet inc became the main company of Google and all the companies related to Google Business. due to its native product, it is the second biggest and famous tech company.

The main apps products related to Alphabetic Inc. are Google, YouTube, and Android phones.

 Its revenue is 161.8 billion dollars. And its employee count is 118.899.it is located in  Mountain View as the city of California Googleplex is its home and this is a very innovative company with advanced technology.


Everybody knows about Microsoft. The famous products of Microsoft are Visual Studio and MS Office Suite. Its revenue is about 125.8 billion dollars. And its total employee count is 151.163.

The founders of the company were Bill Gates and Paul Allen who founded the country over 45 years ago. It is a massive technology company with so many solutions. It is a type of software that is electronic gadgets and electronic supplies.

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Although this company has focused on electronic devices and software, it also focuses on cloud computing services that are both necessary in any electronic device.


Here we go with another very fascinating and amazing company Amazon. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos it is located in Bellevue the city of Washington. Its main products are Alexa amazon.com and Amazon Prime.

It is the biggest tech company that sells a lot of products daily. It is an international company with the highest revenue and employees.


This is a very fun and entertainment full company e because Sony has the largest entertainment business in the world related to music, because of its entertainment purpose movies and songs this becomes very popular with his PlayStation ikonic elusive video games and movies. Its popular products are  PlayStation and Sony picture entertainment.


The important products of  Tencent are PUBGP mobile and WeChat. It is a Chinese company that was founded in 1998 and it is one of the biggest video game companies right now. 

Facebook Inc:

The most popular app Facebook was founded by  Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. is more than 2.5 billion. Firstly it was only available for the student but later on, it is free to use by anyone. It is reported that Facebook is the second most accessible tool after Google.

So these are some of the biggest business companies. And this grooming all over the world in the year 2021.


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