A Separation Contract Was Signed Between Bill Gates And Melinda Before Announcing Divorce


It is the quality of wise people that they resolve their matters personally rather than make them public. The same situation was faced by one of the richest couples in the World Bill Gates, and Melinda. Both of them decided before their divorce about the division of wealth and property.

The couple decided on a separation document in which the property and money are divided with the permission of both of them. There was not an agreement between both of them in 1994 at the time of their marriage.

This couple also runs a combined foundation that is working to help the poor and needy people as well as other socially charitable causes in the whole World. They said that both of them continue to work in collaboration for the foundation even after their divorce is finalized.

Bill Gates is on the number 4th in the list of richest people in the whole World. His source of earning is that he runs his firm named ‘Microsoft’. His Microsoft company is the largest software company in the World.

Bill and Melinda have a large number of properties in different states in America. One is in Florida, Washington, and Wyoming which is worth many million dollars.  Their private residence is worth many millions worth nowadays.

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Broken Marriage

Bill and Melinda move towards the court for the separation in Seattle, which is covered by US media and many of them put it as headlines with authentic proof.

In the divorce contract, it was properly mentioned that the property and wealth will be divided according to the decided percentage while such a contract’s part is not made public. It was also in the agreement that the couple has 3 adult children and no mental support is needed for them in this separation.

Each of the couples hired his/her own 3 lawyers for this case. One of the lawyers Melinda is Robert Cohen who previously worked for Ivana Trump, Chris Rock, and many other important personalities.

Bill Gates also hired 3 lawyers from Los Angeles.

The couple appeared on the news of their separation on Twitter which was their combined announcement in which they say completely that they don’t think that they can move on more as a healthy couple. They added saying that they worked on their relationship but now they realize that this is not working. Hence both of them decided to end.


Melinda was working in the Bill Gates software company as a product manager in 1987, they both had time together for the meeting discussions. After a few months, both started dating each other.

In a Netflix show, Bill Gates explains their relationship in the early years of love that they both cared for one another. They had only 2 options at that time, one is that they get separated or they move towards marriage decision.

Melinda also added that she has seen Bill writing the pros and cons of getting married, which was shocking news for her.

They got married in 1994 on the island of Hawaii at that time Bill booked all the local helicopters so that they wouldn’t get disturbed by the extra guests. Both of them work very hard in this time of pandemic and misery.

Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda established their combined foundation in 2000 in Seattle. The main works of the foundation are to work on the betterment of climate change, education of children, and public health issues.

They spent more than a billion dollars to provide vaccines to the people in needy places. Bill and Melinda invest more than 100 billion dollars for charitable issues in society.


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