Apple product: iPhone 12, mini, pro and pro max find the difference


Iphones have become the most important part of luxury living. When we hear the name of the iPhone, a very rich personality first comes to our mind. Phone companies introduce new models to fascinate the products that also add more and interesting features to it.

iPhone is famous for its unique camera designs, they also take care to add all the unique features that are not available in an android phone. You can share data and your memories with your friend in different ways. U can unlock your iPhone and stay connected with your love once with fewer charges. 

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Here we are presenting the most lavish and exclusively selling product of the Apple company. iPhone 12, mini, pro, and pro max are newly launched products of apple company. Now we are going to discuss the difference between these products. So get ready yourself to learn about these new products.

iPhone 12: 

Here we have a very fresh and new model of iPhone 12 with so many new facilities. Let’s talk about its identical features: it is available in 5.4 sizes with an OLED has an improved camera.

iPhone Update, Phones , Mobile , Apple , Apple product , apple products iphone

And the most exciting thing about iPhone 12 is, it has 5G network connectivity. and 640ppi, 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, more battery timing, it has large storage space you may get confused while choosing such types of devices. But after reading this article, you surely won’t get confused and you can easily decide what kind of smartphone you want to buy.

Apple iPhone12 mini:

After the advertisement of the iPhone 12 the apple company introduces a new model named iPhone 12 mini, apple company want to make things more comfortable to they add exclusive features to the new iPhone 12 mini, so let’s take about advanced features of the apple iphone12 mini, it has  5.4 inches OLED with wider display and 467ppi. 

iPhone Update, Phones , Mobile , Apple , Apple product , apple products iphone

Apple Phone mini has 12-megapixel ultra-wide cameras so that photographer must need to buy this for awesome photography.  And for video graphic love there is a 4k video capturing ability its software name is iOS14. These are just basic tools. It has more than all these to stop yourself from buying them.

iPhone 12 pro max:

Here we come with the most impressive product of the Apple company. You sourly want to buy this if you just read this fear of its features.

iPhone Update, Phones , Mobile , Apple , Apple product , apple products iPhone

Firstly it is water-resistant and dust resistant. It has an A14 Bionic chip. wireless and dual sim capability. It can capture more than 700 million colors and you don’t need to use any video editor iPhone 12 ProMax provides this facility.

Apple phone 12 Pro Max:

Pro max means more attractive and more adorable. Its unique designs will give you a professional way of has a 7.6 inch OLED with an ultra-wide display. It is also water and dust-resistant.  It has enormous storage space. Everybody wants the best resolution so it has a 2778×1284 pixel resolution of the camera. 

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Have a look at its price. So its price is different in different countries according to its features and its capability. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max provides you with different kinds of life because of its unique features all the products of  Apple company have their way of operation.

So in this article, we talked about the differences between Apple products. All of them are unique in their way, all of them are so adorable and so attractive In Design and capability. Must try one of them and give your precious feedback.  


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