10 Best Stock Tracking Apps for iPhone

If you are investing in the stock market, you need to keep a bird’s eye stock market situation. So, it is the best way to get additional income for your needs or after retirement. Now, it is possible with the technology you can invest online in different stocks. In this article, you can find the best stock tracking app iPhone.

You can easily track the market with your Android or iPhone. For instance, you can track your stock market situation from your desktop or mobile. Such as, you can see the progress of your investment.

10 Best Stock Tracking Apps iPhone

What is a stock Tracking App?

A stock tracking app allows you to monitor stocks that you have purchased. So, these apps work like a broker, here you can buy and sell the stock. So, different stock apps vary, you can choose the best stock tracking app for iPhone.

What is a stock Tracking App

Moreover, users can get updates about the stock from these apps. So, you can easily manage your portfolio from these apps. Moreover, you can use these apps for trading without paying anything.

10 Best Stock Tracking Apps for iPhone

In this article, I will provide information about the 10 best stock tracking apps for the iPhone.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo finance market is a real-time performance app. It has a great interface. Generally, the Yahoo Finance app gives you a great experience. In addition, if there is any change or update in the market, it will show in red. This is one of the best stock tracking app iPhone.

You can get the daily news and stock summary with yahoo finance. This app will also provide you with different articles related to finance. You can do all these things without ads.

icon or logo of Yahoo Finance
Stock Tracking app iPhone

Features of Yahoo Finance

Following are some features of the yahoo finance app.

  • You can sign in to the app and get the performance of your portfolio
  • Moreover, follow the stock to get the news and real-time quotes
  • All the financial information such as ESG rating and top holders’ detail
  • You can track the stock and currency, commodities, bonds, etc
  • Further, you can evaluate the stock market with this app
  • You can also get yahoo finance plus for more features

Pros of the Yahoo Finance App

Some pros of the Yahoo finance app are the following

  • It provides a lot of information in an easy format
  • This app is easy to navigate
  • It has useful links
  • You can create many portfolios, and put different stocks in these portfolios
  • You can track your finance from other countries, further, you can personalize your home page finance
  • You can get information about your finance on your mobile
  • However, every service on yahoo finance is free, except for some services
  • Here is another facility, you can download your finance portfolio into a spreadsheet

Cons of the Yahoo Finance App

  • Yahoo finance message board is just a waste of time. It is not professional sometimes
  • Yahoo Finance news is not so detailed, it is not relevant sometimes with the specific news
  • If you want to search about the stock then you will get the limited information
  • Whenever you are trying to get financial quotes, it does not real-time finance quotes
  • You can search only for stock.
  • Yahoo finance website is not appealing


This is the most trending stock tracking app iPhone. Obviously, you can see real-time market data in this app. With using a few taps you can build a personalized watchlist and place of trade. From this app, you can easily buy and sell stock.

Furthermore, this app will provide you with security and a PIN password. You can check all about your portfolio from this app and manage them in detail.

Download the App Here.

interface of Robinhood

Features of the Robinhood App

Following are some features of this app:

  • You can get this app at a low cost. Robinhood is a discount broker app.
  • Obviously, you can trade free cryptocurrency in this app
  • However, This app is very easy to use
  • Here is another facility, the Robinhood app offers no retirement accounts
  • This app is also best for mobile users

Pros of Robinhood App

  • No trading fee for the Robinhood app
  • Cryptocurrency trading available
  • Financial share trading on this app
  • Robinhood app is a simple interface
  • You will find solid cash management in this app

Cons of the App Robinhood

  • This app will not offer a retirement account
  • It offers limited investment
  • Here you find a lack of transparency
  • Limited research
  • Limited customer support

Trading View

The trading view is one of the best stock tracking app iPhone. Also, It has the best community, covers all global markets, and is free. You just need to go to the official website of this app and it is running up. Above all, You did not need to install the app.

The trading view is software, you can also find the app for Android or iPhone. Generally, you will find a vast selection of indicators. The data coverage of this app is amazing. You can directly trade with Tradingview. Although, it is free but recommended you will get the PRO package of this app.

Download the app Here.

interface of Trading View (Stock Tracking app iPhone)

Features of the TradingView app

This app will come with very free features, which are the following:

  • You will find more than 50 drawing tools
  • Indicators and charts are available in this app
  • You can choose the 12 different  alert conditions
  • in addition, with all plans, you can use the paper trading
  • Tradingview has a great community

Pros of Tradingview App

  • It is a fully functional mobile app
  • Tradingview is a versatile app
  • Using the charts  simple, fast and sleek
  • However, it has a great collection of trading tools
  • In the free plan, you can access many remarkable features
  • Moreover, it provides affordable pricing plans

Cons of Tradingview app

  • It has a limited broker support
  • Weak customers support


This app is used in a perfect way to track stock worldwide. This app will offer you quotes and charts. You can also view information about commodities, interest rates,  bonds, etc. you can create a customized portfolio to keep eye on the stock. Investing.com is one of the best Stock tracking App iPhone.Download the app here.

logo and site address of Investing.com (Stock Tracking app iPhone)

Features of Investing.com

  • You will find the live updates of stock on this app
  • Basically, With the help of this app, you can maintain an economic calendar
  • Also, provide the robust portfolio service
  • You will get all the top finance news on this app
  • As well as, it gives you an alerting system.

Pros of the Investing.com App

  • You will get free access to extensive information
  • It provides the vital technical tools

Cons of the Investing.com app

  • There are a lot of advertisement
  • Quotes and updates are not always accurate
  • You will find inconvenient scalability of charts and quotes


It is a social app so, you can chat and communicate with other investors. Also, you can see the stock market and where the situation of your stock. There is an investor chat on a specific page. So, you can see the upcoming stock market earning reports.

This app will also connect with the different brokerages. This is the best stock trading app.

Download the App here.

logo or icon of StockTwits (Stock Tracking app iPhone)

Features of the StockTwits

  • Provide the message streams
  • Furthermore, find the Char rooms in this app related to finance
  • Nevertheless, it gives the compatibility of the Robinhood app

Pros of StockTwits App

  • It is a useful investment research tools
  • This forum provides you a great entertainment
  • Above all, it has a user-friendly interface

Cons of the App

  • You can see too many ads on this app
  • It has a noisy stream


It is an iconic app of stock related. Although, it is the perfect way to keep updated on your stock and business related. So, you can create a portfolio on the app. in Addition, it provides you with alerts about different financial news. Moreover, you can listen to the Radio or watch Bloomberg on TV.

Download the App Here

screenshots of Bloomberg (Stock Tracking app iPhone)

Features of the Bloomberg App

  • You can view events, news, etc
  • You will stay informed
  • Moreover, you can see the summaries of the finance
  • Received information on a weekend base
  • You can share the financial information with your colleagues
  • Further, you can see the summaries of various finance emerging markets

Pros of the Bloomberg App

  • You will get free access to the main part of the information services
  • It covers a wide area of finance
  • You can find opinions of versatile financial experts
  • The provided information is well organized
  • The shared information is determined by the regional zone
  • The mobile app is also available

Cons of Bloomberg

  • You will find some biassed news related to political matters
  • You need to use the online translator

M1 Finance

M1 finance is one of the best stock investing apps. it is also financial management app. Moreover, it takes care of your needs and investing. Therefore, you can create here your personalized  strategy,

M1 Finance is the best mixture of automation As well as, personalized. This app is good for those who need to manage their finances. However, it is a free stock trading app. This platform has 1 million clients and $5 billion in assets.

interface of M1 Finance

So, this finance app is the top Robo advisor choice. Additionally, this financial platform comes paired with spending, borrowing, and banking. Obviously, this app must be one of the best personal finance app.M1 premium offers more features. However, you did not pay any management fee. Download Link

Features of the M1 Finance Best Stock Tracking App iPhone

  • M1 Finance is best for those who prefer a low-cost customizable portfolio  solution
  • This Finance app gives you additional products, such as spending and borrow
  • You can create your portfolio or customize the 60 pre-built portfolio
  • This app offers customization beyond Robo advisor

Pros of the App

  • You will find an extensive management customization portfolio
  • Further, you will not pay any fee for account management or trading
  • You can get the loans at a low-interest rate
  • To complement portfolio management spending and borrowing option available 
  • Flexible portfolio building
  • There is the ability to place stock traders

Cons of the App

  • This finance app will not offer the advisor and financial planning
  • There is no tax loss harvesting
  • There are limited  financial tools available
  • You can trade only once a time in a day
  • There is no online chat support


It is another best investing app for the iPhone. This app automatically invests the spare cash in individual retirement accounts. So, this app acts like a Robo Advisor that invests in your spare change.

Further, it offers low-cost investing solutions, which are suited to fresh investors. Moreover, the app is designed for beginners and has an easy interface. However, this finance app is best for people who struggle to save. There is no minimum amount required, but you need $5 for starting investing.

Download Link

interface of Acorns

Features of Acorns

  • With the help of round-up features automatically helps to grow money in the market
  • It helps to rebalance your portfolio
  • This app investing is accessible to everyone
  • It also provides the account checking option
  • Acorns offer costume financial literacy
  • Acorns app is free for download
  • So, It is best for the US investors

Pros of Acorns

  • You need no minimum deposit for investing
  • It automatically rebalances the portfolio
  • Acorns invest your spare change
  • It offers a sustainable portfolio for ESG investing
  • You will get educational videos and articles

Cons of Acorns

  • The investment option is too limited
  • Customer support is limited


It is the best stock charting app for iPhone.Additionally, this app is ideal for those persons who want to invest in the Canadian and US stock markets.For instance, You can trade directly from the chart. However, the traders are not commission-free. Although, this app is easy to use. Download Link

interface of TC2000

Features of TC2000

  • You can track your position with trading features
  • Availability of stock and option charts

Pros of App

  • It is a fast trading software
  • Provides the free paper trading module
  • Cost efficient
  • App and browser tools are available
  • This app deals via charts
  • Excellent documentation
  • Gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of App

  • To create the costume market scan you must need the coding knowledge
  • Automated trading is not possible

Apple Stock App

You will get the latest news and information related to the stock market. However, They provide a customized watchlist, business news, and charts. But the function of this app is limited. The main issue with this app is battery use. Download Link

Features of App

  • Availability of customized watchlist
  • With the help of color coding, you will get the whole day’s performance
  • You can view the price quotes
  • Further, charts and details are available
  • Business news is available
  • You can also read the news of companies which you follow
  • After hours detail available on the market

Pros of App

  • Discount valuation available
  • Attractive forward returns

Cons of App

  • Warning of the revenue
  • Face the app store problem
  • Limited Data provided
  • You can only use one watchlist

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Frequently Ask Questions About Best Stock Tracking App for iPhone

How Can I use the Stock Tracking app for iPhone Stock on my iPhone?

  • From your, iPhone Open the settings
  • Tap on your Name
  • Go to iCloud
  • After that turn on Stock

Is there an app that shows all the Stocks?

Of course, investing.com is one of the best stock tracking apps for iphone to show all stocks. Moreover, You can watch the worldwide stock on this app, they have 70 different global exchanges.

Does Apple Have a Stock App?

You can use the stock app of Apple and see the stock market situation.

Which is the Best Stock Tracking App for iPhone?

I mentioned the 10 best stock apps with links in the above article. Additionally, You can choose from them and see the current situation in the Stock Market. Which are the following

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Investing.com
  • TradingView
  • M1 Finance
  • Robinhood
  • TC200
  • Stick Twist
  • Acorns
  • Apple Stock App
  • Bloomberg

What is the Best Stock Market Tracking App for iPhone?

If you are searching on the internet, you will find various stock market apps. But you will not know which one is best. So I’ll provide you with a list of these apps which are the best stock tracking apps for the iPhone.

  • M1 Finance
  • Acorns
  • TradingView
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Robinhood
  • Bloomberg
  • Stick Twist
  • Investing.com
  • Apple Stock App
  • TC200

Final verdict

Consequently, if you are searching for stock tracking apps for iPhones, this article will help you a lot. After reading this article you can easily select the best stock tracking app for your iPhone.Further, Download links to each app are also available for your convenience, you can easily download the app. However, I hope you will understand all the stock tracking apps in a good manner.


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