Big changes in the internet under monopolizing of US


Simply key net is a worldwide system of computer networks through which all the computers of the world are interconnected. this system is operated by five large company called as

 “Big tech”. But when we exclude Microsoft it has four important dominant companies. 

In 1914 Congress passed additional antitrust law to the parallel trade communication act which created the FTC and let on act revision; these are still working.

These companies are Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook.  These companies are very dominant and very big, that’s why they are called the big 4, but not only these companies there are thousands of small companies working under these  Big 4. These companies are referred to as major technology companies. 

Big tech is threatening:

It is predicted that in the future the internet will be making some big changes to its settings. For the Technologies of the future like artificial intelligence virtual reality and many other interconnections are the main foundation’s

products. It may be called piracy. So it is restricted that if these apps buy their own four are being more strict. Fiona Scott Morton University professor and former US official. This big titch does not follow the rules of inner trust.

But the overwhelming power of the big teaching gatekeeper is writing American access to quality local generalism. Not only do these stitch joints for Major threats to advertising revenues but they get cheap ads of online Content reading power over the internet user access and how advertisers reach them.

The top tech frame does not pay taxes on their profit and invests his huge tax-free Bandle in the US debit Use government then paste the Prem more money in the form of interest and they do not pay taxes at that either.

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Big teach is back Even so, big tech’s divided work in a fair market encourages small businesses to introduce a new and competitive range of products and services. However, those who didn’t start up cannot get the advantages of this advertisement. Users may have to pay a heavy amount for every Digital Services they use.

It is information services that the percentage of GDP is highly contributed.  Moreover, their efficiency also increases at a massive level. Their quarterly GDP growth dropped nearly 22% between the second quarter of 2019.

Amazon, which is called the housing market, is going through a tough time. A report recently released by ANZ Bank predicted house prices at the National level will rise to a strong 70% through 2021 before slowing to 16% in 2022.

In short, the US Department of Justice Federal Trade Commission occasion and several States have about major antitrust cases Against Facebook and Google the complement League several anti-competitive agreements and just finding liability against writers companies is a realistic possibility.

Antitrust reports provide in-depth analysis and comments on the development of antitrust law and report on activities of the antitrust by division of the US Department of Justice.


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