China Has Won Artificial Intelligence Clash With The US, The ex-software Hief Of The Pentagon’s Told


Artificial intelligence is the new battle in the field. The technology war is a new challenge to the first world. The U.S. and China are the two biggest stakeholders in this subject and both of them claim that they are ahead of each other. However, an independent opinion must be sought to prove the actual situation.

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In this article, we will tell you about the revelations of the ex-software chief of the Pentagon. He exposed that China has won the battle whereas over the US since they are heading in terms of many variables.

Chinese Economy and dominating on AI

China is the second-largest economy in the world and they are dominating in many factors including technologies. In addition to this, they are expected to take over in the field of artificial intelligence and synthetic biology. Reference to the western intelligence assessment, China will not take more than a decade to rule the world in these emerging fields.

Apart from that, the ex-chief of the Pentagon resigned a few months back. The reason for separation was amazing since he claimed that the pace of technological improvement and transformation is very slow in the US. He further stated that this slow speed will lead to the victory of China.

He also said that this can also result in a higher risk to the United States because they need to formulate a policy that should have been result-oriented. The ex-chief called it a complete failure of US organizations because China is leading the technology and for the past two decades they are competing with the US.

US fault

On the other hand, he further stated that it is a done-based deal to give rise to China. The situation is very alarming and it can result in the worst crises if China takes over the upcoming technology. It is pertinent to mention here that the new development will be having copyrights of China and the United States can face the music.

As far as the narrative of China is concerned, the second-largest economy is moving forward intending to control all the technology. Additionally, they are focusing on the geopolitical situations of the entire world.

The ex-chief blamed the US companies that have denied being part of the state. Google seemed reluctant in managing the new technology with the state. It is imperative to know that Google is not willing to work with the state on AI and other extensive technologies.

Google tells that they are facing several challenges of high business hours and other top assignments. Thus, their vision is to work separately on these and postpone the previous project owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and other emerging challenges.

Besides this, the Chinese tech giants are obliged to the Government and continuously working with the Government of China and helping this in managing the upcoming artificial intelligence. The massive investment has been made by the private tech giants.

Mr. Chaillan was desperate on these issues and stated that the military officials are not supporting the cause. China is way ahead of the US in terms of performance and efficiency on artificial intelligence.


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