Douyin Limits the Uses of App for China children under 14 its version of TikTok


As per this article, the use of social media for children has been rising very swiftly since the last decade. Children have been spending over 5 hours on the internet whereas out of these 5, they spend 2 hours on social media. 

This figure is alarming for China because the excessive use of smartphones and electronic gadgets is directly affecting the mental presence along with physical health. Notably, millions of users have ages below 14. Therefore, keeping in view the situation, Douyin (A similar app to TikTok) has limited the amount of time for children. 

The app has put restrictions on children that cannot use the Douyin app for more than 40 minutes. To enforce the decision, the app has created an interface that will identify the age of the user and terminate the services after a lapse of the stipulated time. 

Similarly, children with age below 14 are considered for this restriction. In addition to this, the time limit of the use has been decided between 6:00 to 22:00. It is pertinent to mention here that Douyin is the first app in China that took this initiative for the betterment of human beings. 

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As far as the interface of the app is concerned, as mentioned earlier this app is similar to TikTok where the user has to make a video of a few seconds with multiple video effects and sounds. Besides this, the app has also taken a further productive initiative by introducing new educational-related content. This new content is about the history and the latest science. 

Netizens are praising the step and asking other apps also to follow these steps. Additionally, the idea to limit the children’s use of social media is getting popular and we are forecasting that in near future, the Governments will unilaterally ask the app makers regarding following SOPs.

Crackdown by Chinese Government over excessive use of Social Media:

China has started an aggressive crackdown on the excessive use of social media. The major area of concern is the use of teenagers and below. It is necessary to highlight here that the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown also enhanced screen time since during that period; people have nothing to do but use social media. 

The Chinese regulators have been taking this aspect very seriously and they are working on a comprehensive plan to limit the use of social media for children. In the past, the Chinese regulators announced in 2018 that they are seeking guidelines and inputs from the stakeholders on the subject matter.

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Apart from that, many apps are working for the betterment of society. These apps have familiarized child locks to limit the amount of time for the children. Nonetheless, this is the best idea since it will enhance the efficiency of the children.

Moreover, it will help parents to cope with the challenge as all parents are worried due to this problem. It becomes difficult for them to limit children from using social media because IT is the base factor nowadays and is the biggest source of information flow.


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