Facebook Clarifies What Produced An Extensive Outage


The worldwide outage of Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram has raised many questions about the performance and problems of Facebook. There is a lot of discussion going on on this issue. It is to inform you that on Monday, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram remain outage for six hours.

After a lot of hard work, the company disclosed that the problem arises due to the faulty configuration in Facebook. This six hours disconnection has caused the loss of millions of dollars to the entire world. Apart from that, the company needs to work over the issue.

Facebook’s Explanation

As per the official statement of Facebook over the outage, they said that their team has worked hard to outline the problem. The social media giant further stated that configuration changes are among the top reasons for disconnection.

The interruption in communication within Facebook also alarms the company management that they need to differentiate their internal communication ways.

The vice president of Facebook wrote a blog post to attract the audience towards the reason behind the outage, as per him the disconnection of the network has mounted due to the data center inefficiency. Nonetheless, the social media giant has worked hard to bring the service back.

Apart from that, this outage impacted the internal customers of Facebook also. According to the sources of FB, the employees of the company were also affected due to this disconnection.

On the other hand, this bug of Facebook has arisen several threats to the world. Social media becomes a basic part of our lives, we cannot live without the presence of social media. Additionally, Facebook is the market leader in this field.

DNS and Facebook working

If any other giant wants to come in competition with Facebook, Facebook either acquired it or displaced it so that it cannot continue its working in the competition. Therefore, it is the most used social media.

Besides this, people have been doing business by using Facebook. For instance, Facebook marketing is considered one of the main earning tools for many people. In addition to this, people did marketing of their products via this channel successfully.

Thus, because of this widespread outage in the entire world, the companies, individuals, and Facebook itself have faced the loss of billions of dollars. The DNS is pronounced as the other key reason for this outage.

DNS stands for domain name system and this term has been found in the internet dictionary of Facebook. There are several internet protocols at Facebook and all of them are in the use of social media to make the connection better.

One out of them gets problematic, the entire world can have to face the music. Hence, it has been at the Facebook end to work over these issues to avoid such happenings in the future.

We have seen a similar outage in the past also when the service remains off for more than 14 hours. In 2019, the social media giant faced this challenge but the repetition of the mistake can have long-lasting effects.


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