Facebook Reveals New Controls For Kids Surfing The Social Media Giant


This is very important to limit the teen and kids from the use of social media. There are several reasons for doing this. There is no limit on the type of uses of social media and all kinds of data are easily accessible. Therefore, parents are worried about this matter and considering several approaches to limit them.

Similarly, this is not the sole responsibility of parents but the stakeholders are also responsible. It is their responsibility also to make certain policies and introduce multiple filters so that the parents can avoid their children and save them from excessive use.

Facebook and new policy

In the wake of this issue, Facebook, the world’s largest social media giant, took certain controls to reduce the use of kids and teens. They know that nudity and other adult material are available on Instagram and Facebook. Thus, on account of the well-being of the community, Facebook has taken a few steps.

According to Facebook, they are planning to introduce some controls that will help them in mapping the use of kids and teens of social media. The service will be run on a test basis and the guardians or supervisors will also need to check it.

As far as the initiative of Facebook is concerned, they announced that they will pause the kids’ projects on Facebook and Instagram. Nevertheless, the critics call it a fake approach because they want to have a strong work on this factor.

The emerging issue of kids and teens

Apart from that, many people appreciated this step of Facebook. The vice president of global affairs pronounced it as a great step towards the betterment of society. He further stated that Facebook has used strong algorithms in these controls. These steps will help in spreading harmful information and adult data.

An intellectual told CNN that several Capitol riots were conducted as a result of a social media campaign. Besides this, a social media expert recently commented on this approach of Facebook and said that they are consistently working on this factor and this only move of Facebook will help.

Mr. Clegg further said that Facebook has already invested a handsome amount in recent years. Apart from that, Facebook spent 13 billion dollars during these years. In addition to that, there are 40 thousand people in the company that is dealing with the issue.

Let us tell you that last week the former scientist of Facebook was called by the congress and made unbelievable revelations in front of the congressmen. Mr. Frances presented there to tell the world that the social media platform could not perform up to the mark on this matter.

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He attached research papers to clarify his position and he further said that these documents can be treated as proof. As per the former data scientist of Facebook, all these papers were kept by her and she saved them during her work at Facebook.

Nonetheless, Facebook is now working on this matter and figuring out the problem. The controls will be effective very soon on the social media giant.


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