Few Useful Safari Extensions to download for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15


iOS 15 has launched by Apple a couple of days ago and the news regarding it is on top. Many people are unboxing the specifications and extensions of Safari over iOS 15. According to Apple, they have redesigned the web browser to make it more charming. 

Furthermore, the compatibility has increased significantly whereas the interface has also been updated. As mentioned earlier, extensions of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are also likely to be updated after this amendment. Following are the few latest extensions that have gone viral immediately after unveiling.

1Password & Amplosion:

This extension is more similar to the extension of Google chrome but Apple has updated it more than chrome. In this extension, the users of 1Password have an opportunity to see the saved passwords and can also perform two factor-authentications.

Therefore, unlike Google Chrome, the iOS 15 web browser is more secure. In addition to this, the link to the extension appears on the Safari below the toolbar. Access to the extension has been made easy since this can be the most useful feature.

Amplosion is considered one of the strongest extensions for the web browser Safari. This extension directly links the search to the original webpage and it works while using the AMP link. Nonetheless, to use this extension on an iPhone one needs to pay about USD 2. However, the extension keeps tracking the visit frequency and lets you know about the previous clicks.

Achoo and Web Inspector:

Achoo is a useful extension but as per the latest reviews received, people do not like it since Apple did not use its inspector and asked HTML to inspect the web. Additionally, the company put a price over this extension and this is one of the reasons for disliking it.

This is an entirely free service provided in iOS 15 where the user has been given access by Apple to inspect the web pages. Likewise, you can enter the JavaScript commands and figure out the network requests.


Since e-commerce has been emerging and the public is moving towards this trend. According to Apple, this extension helps the user to identify the best available card. After adding this extension on Safari, the browser will tell you about the special offers and discounts. Similarly, it will also inform you about the best card and website that suits the shopping. According to the initial reviews,

Language Translator by Mate:

This is another astonishing offer made by Apple in iOS 15. As the name of the extension tells, this will provide you a translation of your text into the 40 different languages. The service has already been in use, but after adding this extension the user will be able to translate the required text. 

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The process is very simple, you need to select the text and ask for a translation. Next, Safari will automatically translate it into the desired language. It is pertinent to mention to her that this is an expensive extension but equally useful.

Above are the few valuable extensions that Apple has introduced in iOS 15 and on iPadOS 15. The access is very simple, easy, and on top of that beneficial. Few extensions are entirely free.


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