Foldable Phone Of Honor Is Expected To Launch In The Q4 Of 2021


Honor is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing brand. Honor is ranked in the top 10 smartphone brands whereas in China this company stands at number 3. The reason for the popularity of Honor is its beautiful and reliable smartphone.

The company is now working for the past few decades and serving the world with the best choice of smartphone models. There is no doubt in it that Honor cannot compete with the top 2 brands of smartphones but it has the power to come into the competition in near future.

Foldable Phone of Honor:

Nevertheless, we are going to spotlight the upcoming launch of Honor and this is a foldable phone. After a long wait, the CEO Mr. Zhao has announced the possible launch date of the foldable phone.

According to the CEO, the foldable phone is going to be released in the last quarter of 2021. In an interview, Mr. Zhao stated that they have an eye over the market trends and popularity of their phone.

Previously, Samsung launched the foldable phone and gained bunches of appreciation from the public. Therefore, Honor also decided to follow the pattern of Samsung since they have all the possible inputs in place.

This is going to be the first foldable phone of Honor and they have a lot of hopes attached to it. Apart from that, this design was reintroduced a few years back. It is pertinent to mention here, Samsung was considered the king in the field of foldable phones due to its previous successful track record.

Key specifications of Magic X:

On the other hand, this foldable phone of Honor will be having multiple new specifications. However, the main attributes of the phone will be similar to the Mate X2. This fact was revealed by the tipster a few days back. The name of the phone has also been decided, the company gives it the name “Magic X”.

It is necessary to highlight here that the Magic series of Honor is very popular in China due to several qualities. As far as the display of Magic X is concerned, the smartphone has an inner display of 8 inches whereas the cover has a 6.5 inches display.

Mr. Ross claimed that the phone will be having a smart foldable panel that enhances its performance of the phone. Notably, Mr. Ross is the display analyst of Honor and successfully launched tens of smartphones.

The world is moving towards this style, therefore Huawei is also working on the same pattern. As per the sources of Huawei, the company is working on the Mate V and planning to make it their first foldable phone.

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Nonetheless, the company aims to target the female audience for this smartphone. Besides this, the price has also been set as economical to keep the demand high.

Meanwhile, the company also announced that they are working on smartwatches. Their upcoming target is the smartwatch and Honor will also utilize the opportunity.

Moving forward to Honor, the smartphone manufacturing company is working so hard on smartphones. Likewise, they are planning to introduce two new smartphones by the end of the coming year.

As mentioned earlier, the company has all the technical support available to become the top brand in China.


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