Four Ways to Change the Date and Time in Windows 11


Windows 11 was officially released on the 5th of October 2021 by Microsoft. The new version of the operating system is available to the entire world. A lot of discussion regarding the new version is in the market. Few people are making comparisons between it and Mac.

However, as per the windows they have made several changes in the interface. Apart from that, few experts reported that the new version tried to replicate the Mac-Like interface by making certain amendments.

In addition to this, the features of Windows 11 are the availability of installation of android apps. Similarly, the windows introduced the widgets bar with the settings. Likewise, the integration with the team of Microsoft has also been introduced in this version.

Windows 11 and its main features:

Besides this, snap layout, Xbox series, and on top of that auto HDR are among the top attributes of windows 11. This is a new version and a new interface; therefore the users are taking time to understand the specs of it.

Furthermore, the operating system is more user-friendly than many others. Nonetheless, users will face issues until they completely understand all the processes. Few of the users are confused and after using for the first, they responded that this does not have a basic setting available.

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In contrast with that, all the settings are available and easily accessible also. In the same way, the tutorials for Windows 11 have started coming into the market. Nevertheless, in this article, we will also guide you about the process of changing the date and time.

Before we go into the details of the process, we would like to tell you that the interface is very user-friendly and it only needs common sense to reach the desired setting.

There are four different ways to change the date and time of windows 11. Following are the four main channels of doing this;

  • Control Panel
  • Command Prompt
  • Powershell
  • Windows Settings

These four are the processes that will lead you towards the change of date and time process.

Control Panel:       

Open the control panel on your Windows 11 and go to the date and time settings. The system opens the new window of the change of date and time option.

Command Prompt:

In this section, the user has to follow the same criteria as he followed in the old versions. The command prompt reacts in the same way and changes the date accordingly.


Click on the search button and write power shell. Right-click on the Run as administrator and a drop-down menu comes in front of you.

Windows Setting:   

Go to the taskbar and click on the adjust date and time option. Scroll it down and manage the date and time.

Above are the four processes to change the date and time of the system while using windows 11. All the processes depict that it is not difficult to manage the date and time. Moreover, other options on Windows 11 are also easy to exercise.


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