Garmin Venu 2 Review: About Sport And Style


It is the first company that makes a smartwatch with a full touch screen display. Diverting away from basic LCD screens that have adorned its previous watches. With a brilliant display strong battery life and a full suite of fitness feature, the German Venu is one of the best all-around activity trackers

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Wine is an applied library and touch interference would not trouble the Apple to watch the window is also asked in a smartwatch for those with Hotspotting disposition.

This watch is very attractive and also usable for formal occasions.

 Smart features:

As for smart features, venu displays smartphone notification and offers music playback including offline sports for Spotify. Another feature is it has a speaker and microphone that allows you to call like a smartphone.

 So first let’s talk about the good stuff. It has a very bright and sharp display. with a very attractive design.It is very easy to use because of its simple interference, and its battery life is more than 10 days.

 Let’s have a look at its bad features. it does not have any onboard maps, and it’s worked out types are very short rather than other Garmin watches. It cannot be compared with other smart features of Apple watches because the Apple watches are more abundant and more efficient in your work.

smartwatch,smartwatch features,gadgets

Venu 2 Has two maps which track back features of run and hiking. If you lost your weight during your hiking or travelling the tracker will detect the way and start back. it has a Smart campus what direction indication.

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Structure and body shape:

 So first of all let’s talk about the body shape of it. It is available in two different sizes: the standard one is 45 mm. and the other venu  is 40mm. The price of both watches are the same , they are identical but too as they have slightly smaller screens, their price range is $400. one has small battery life. with beautiful  bright and colourful OLED touch screen make it more attractive,

 It has only two buttons which are on the right side of the watch. One button is to start or stop the watch and the other one is the back button. The back button is also used to manual left or set target by pressing its  long.

 If weight is heavier than other normal watches and its look like the fenix 6 and  Endro, so it has a beautiful touch screen now

 one interesting feature about  this smartwatch is that it is waterproof. and it has some sensors like GPS and GLONASS  for satellite protesting. It has a tracker with a thermometer and heart rate monitor that works very well.

 Another smart feature of venu  2 has the NFC radio and German pay which allow you to store your credit card and much more information without using your phone. Rather than this, it has a very large storage space of 650 songs with Bluetooth earbuds.


This smartwatch has both good and bad features so it’s up to you if you are a Technology lover and love to buy new gadgets. So, you have to buy this Venu German because it has so many good features and its functionality is best. So now it is your choice to buy this way or not.


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