Google Assistant App Got More Than 500 Million Play Store Downloads


Google assistant is an operating device invented by goggle that can be used on mobile and smart home devices and is also used in mobile to control other devices Now it is arranged to get messages from other apps. That’s why its popularity increased.

Google Assistant,

it can be operated on Android Chrome OS iOS iPad and Linux. The programming language of Google assistant is Candy and its developers are Google and dialog flow. The feature of Smart home control is also available on Google assistant. You can do all the home appliances on Google Assistant and control the electric devices with Google assistant.

Due to these abilities, the Google assistant App got more than 500 million Play Store downloads, due to this facility Google Google assistant got more and more downloads. At first, it was just an ordinary app and did not get more downloads but now due to the new features of Google assistant, it is one of the most usable and easily accessible apps.

How does Google Assistant work:

 Google Assistant can help you navigate maps on both Android and IOS devices with your voice. You can reply to text messages and tax, play music podcasts, search your location, and add new stops on Google Maps.

To use Google Assistant at home you have to set up a Google Assistant device. You can set up Google Assistant on your TV, you can link your voice to your device with voice match and you can also have a conversation on your shared devices, play games, and much more on Google assistant.

Google assistant is very easy to use and set up. It can open-air, you can play your favorite music and send messages to your fellows and friends, control smart devices, much more due to all these works and accessibility, Google assistant got more than 500 million followers and more than 600 million downloads 

Google assistant is safe to use:

Is secure and easy to use, it does not leak your personal information. data and it is our responsibility to protect and respect it privacy is personal that’s by Google assistant is good as simple privacy control to help you choose what is right for you.

You just need a Google device for Android to 5.0 Plus and 1.0 GB of memory. so you can use Google Assistant at your home without any restriction.

Due to the Intelligence and accuracy of Google Assistant, when it comes to answering people, Google Assistant takes the stage during the test of more than 400 questions by stone temples. Google Assistant gives them the right answer in a very accurate and proper way.

Reason for of popularity Google assistant:

Google Assistant for voice command voice Research and voice active devices control letting you complete several tasks for you you can trust on Google Assistant because it is safe and private to that’s why it is getting more and more popular reading due to the function and privacy setting the popularity of Google Assistant increased up to more than 500 million followers.


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