Google Openly Marketing The Galaxy Z Fold/Flip 3 Ads On Its YouTube


Samsung Galaxy foldable phones have been loved by netizens and a lot of discussions are going on regarding the new phones of Samsung. It is pertinent to mention here that Samsung has brought old age back by manufacturing foldable smartphones.

In the current era, it is very important to advertise the product properly. In addition to this, the marketing companies are working on creating the need for products in the mind of prospective buyers.

Similarly, there are several channels available to advertise and market the product. The most prominent and best way out to satisfy the need is social media and streaming websites. In the same pattern, Samsung has been conducting the advertising.

Advertisement of Foldable Phones

In the following lines, we will highlight the way via which Google is helping them in marketing their product. A few years ago and during this time, android has issued some partner visuals with Samsung to spotlight the new hardware of the phones.

Likewise, in these ads, the android showed specific types of smartphones including foldable. Furthermore, today’s development is also a part of this campaign. Google has released a trio of ads for the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3. This is an amazing combination of colors and curiosity.

On the other hand, the most beautiful and colorful video ad of the Android X Samsung Galaxy was uploaded on the 30th of August. In that video, the UI overview of the smartphone was described and the same was on air over Twitter along with Youtube.

Moreover, today’s trio ad that has been made up by Google is also running on YouTube and viewed by millions of people. Besides this, this video consists of 15 seconds only and this factor is considered a real success because the time limitation was the real point.

15 seconds Ad

Additionally, both the partners are marketing this 15 seconds clip to make the space in the mind of people. Talking further about the video, it has both the types of foldable available i.e. hamburger and hotdog. The name of the models seems very impressive.

The company has shown up the future of their smartphones and unbox the upcoming designs of their models.

As far as the YouTube channel of Google is concerned, it has 10.2 million subscribers and almost half of them have viewed this already. Apart from that, Samsung has 6 million subscribers whereas android has 1 million. Therefore, Samsung is taking advantage of Google’s subscription in the advertisement.

The idea is getting popular among other giants also and they are also thinking to follow the same policy that Samsung did.

In contrast with this, people are spreading news regarding the joint hands of Google and Samsung. They have a different opinion over the matter since they think that both the companies are looking to create a partnership to make a win-win situation for both of them. Samsung has technology whereas Google can advertise it in a better way.


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