Google will invest USD 1 billion to boost Internet Access in Africa


The Internet in Africa is not as good as it should be, there are several reasons for low internet speed in Africa. The area in Africa is not covered by fiber optic. On the other hand, the Governments in Africa are not rich and this is why they do not invest in this matter.

Apart from that, the entire world needs to focus on this issue and try to provide the best internet services in Africa. It is pertinent to mention here that the best internet service has many benefits. It brings new opportunities for businesses in the country.

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Internet in Africa:

In addition to this, the quality of life and quality of education has improved due to the speedy internet. Consequently, keeping in view the situation Google has pledged to invest one billion dollars to speed up the internet in Africa.

This announcement by Google has been appraised by the entire world since it will bring amazing results for Africa. Besides this, in the coming five years the amount will be made available to the African countries. Additionally, the new service after this investment will bring affordable internet.

The access will be easy to entire Africa and it supports the business community along with the students and Universities.

Let us tell you about the current situation of the internet and its impacts. Presently, internet availability is the bigger issue over there. As per the population, there are 1.3 Billion people who are connected with broadband.

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Nonetheless, half of the population in Africa is under the age of 18 and most of them are not connected with the internet. Therefore, they cannot proceed with their qualification and research accordingly. This issue is very challenging and continuously posing a threat to the African community.

Investment by Google:

As per Google and the CEO Mr. Pichai, they will work in this sector and try to manage the internet services available to the entire Africa. He added that this move of Google will enhance the affordability and usefulness in Africa.

Digital transformation is a very integral part of success and every day there is an innovation. Thus, it is imperative to stay connected with high-class internet services. Apart from that, South Africa i.e. considered as one of the richest nations in Africa; does not have a good internet speed available.

This move by Google will also open the new windows of investments in this sector by the other known giants. Amazon is also following Google to help Africa with this issue.

On the other hand, this service will also open new options for business since the population is there. To fulfill their needs, the businesses have to work on this part.

In conclusion, we can say that this will positively impact Africa and other parts of the world because helping humanity with the rising technological issue is an essential part. Africa is one of the poorest areas in the world and it needs the immediate attention of superpowers to fight poverty and other similar issues.


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