Google Will Keep The Ads Away Of Climate Change Denial Ads From Content


Climate change is a worldwide concern and almost every country is coping with this challenge. Marketing and awareness via social media is the important element to stop the further spread and it will also help to control the problem.

There are hundreds of companies in the world that have taken it as a challenge and are working for the prosperity of humanity. In addition to this, countries in the world are also working on this emerging issue since it can enhance the problems.

Climate Change issue and ads

However, Google has recently taken a very smart step to cope with the challenges of misguidance about climate change. It is pertinent to mention here that few false ads are running on Google and Youtube about climate change. This misinformation is giving rise to illegitimate data analysis about the most important aspect.

On the other hand, this step by Google will positively impact the issue of climate change and will discourage the deniers of climate change because they are making revenues without doing anything.

This information was released in the blog that has recently been posted by Google. As per this blog, Google is going to block these ads from YouTube also. Additionally, the misinformation will also be cracked down by Google.

Referring to the blog, Google will use the data of the ads to figure out the user’s preference and their data on the subject matter. Nonetheless, immediately after the announcement of the crackdown, there is a massive response by the fake users.

Google deals with the issue

In that blog post, Google clearly stated that they have received concerns about the growing number of fake ads and the issue is very sensitive. Any misinformation can lead to the destruction of the idea.

It is imperative to know here that countries have been spending millions of dollars to deal with the issue of climate change and global warming. YouTube and Google will not play any fake ads in the future that can harm the cause of climate change and environmental issues.

Google and the publishers of this blog have called their viewers and recommend they to not watch these ads. Similarly, they further stated that it is necessary to avoid these types of issues to face the challenge. Likewise, the videos have also been stopped by YouTube and Google.

To enforce the policy, Google will use all the data of the users and viewers. Moreover, the policy will be implemented from November.

As far as Google is concerned, Google is the leading and dominant player in the sector of IT and digital media. The sources of Google said that they have been earning somewhere around fifty billion dollars annually. This figure further enlightens the importance and worth of the company.

There are multiple other issues where Google has helped the world. Apart from that, the carbon footprints have also been discouraged by Google whereas the function of lower emission is also addressed.


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