Google’s Nest Cam (Indoor, Wired) assessment: The finest Nest so far


Technology has been updating and innovating with time. Every field of life has seen drastic changes from the last two decades. In this article, we will tell you about the nest cam and this is the new technology with useful benefits and attributes.

As far as the basic interface of the nest camera is concerned, the nest cam is the home security tool that manages the security of indoor and outdoor. The camera debuted a half-decade back in 2015 and became famous after years of launch.

Launch of Nest cam:

Presently, the Nest Cam is owned by Google whereas before that this company was bought by Drop cam. However, after going into the possession of Google the nest cam has innovated various security features and models. It is pertinent to mention here that the nest cam can recognize the face and other valuable features of the nest cam include live stream coverage.

On the other hand, there are two variants of nest cam offered by the company. These models are named indoor and wired. Similarly, the uses of the nest cam are also divided into categories i.e. indoor and outdoor. Apart from that, the use depends on the requirements of the customer because both types have been made with the intent of the buyer.

As far as the price of the nest cam is concerned, the nest cam is available for one hundred dollars with multiple specifications. Nonetheless, this hundred dollar nest cam has on-device technologies that have been taken by Google. The company used artificial intelligence and machine learning in this technology.

Other main qualities of this nest cam are its free video history, sound recognition, and on top of that the object recognition. It is imperative to know that many other cams are coming into direct competition. But the nest cam has its quality since these are made up of great technology.

Additionally, these are well-programmed nest cams with full integration. Besides this, the google home app is built-in in the models of nest cams.

Design of the nest cam:

The design is eye-catching because Google focused too much on this factor due to its use. Moreover, Google has made aesthetic efforts to make the best home products. This is among the top quality products and comes at the top in terms of design.

There are four different colors of the nest cam but the light pink cam is considered the best. The users described that the single color is way more impressive and eye-capturing than others.

In contrast with this, many users praised the entrance of Google in this sector. Similarly, Google has jumped into this field and also manufactured smart watches and other electronic gadgets.

Main Features:

As mentioned earlier, machine learning has been used in these nest cams with smart features. The nest cams have brains since it intimates the owner very intelligently. In addition to this, the doorbell and battery models are among the top specs of the nest cams.

The cam can tell you about the difference between different genders including animals also. The notifications of the nest cam are completely free with a history of 3 hours.


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