Hand Raising Feature Of Google Meet Has Become More Animated and Advanced


Google is a type of search engine. It is a web-based tool that uses the web name “w.w.w” or “world.wide.web”. Google is providing more and more new features nowadays. Anything you want is available on Google, any type of information from the past to the future, you can upload thousands of websites and search for thousands of information on Google.

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Not only searching, but you can also do so many things on Google. You can communicate with your family and fellows, buy tickets, and travel without stress. You can buy things online and pay online bills. You can use Google Maps to find your location and much more. 

Google meet is updated:

 In this article, we are going to discuss a very helpful feature of Google.  That feature is called google meet is a part of Google that gives you the facility of making video calls with more than a hundred anybody who has a Google account can make a video call.

For a video call, the time limit is also exceeded from 40 minutes to 1 hour. You can start a Google meeting from any part of the world where the network is accessible. Google meet connects you to your loved ones. 

During the hard time of lockdown due to coronavirus, Google provides a facility to run an online business. The Zoom app also plays an important role these days because there is a little difference between zoom and Google meet.

Old Features of Google meet:

These are the following feature of Google meet:

  • On Google meet you can create an unlimited number of meetings.
  •  you can have live captioning during meetings.
  •  It is compatible across different devices.
  •  It has adjustable screen settings and layouts.
  • You can share your screen with participants.
  •  You can also send messages to the participants during the meeting.
  • Audio and video quality is overall perfect.

How to use Google meet: 

There are very easy and simple steps to use Google meet: 

  • Open the Google meet from the website of  “meet google.com”.
  • Google meet provides you with a code to enter this code to start a meeting.
  • Choose your favorite google account.
  • Select the option of joining the meeting. now you are the force of meeting and you can also add more participants

Advanced features of Google meet:

Hand  Rising

Google meet provides some new features to their users. The writing hand feature is now more enhanced and animated. Visual updates are added to Google meet. Now you can see visible movement on your hand raise because it becomes animated. 

When any participants raise their hand an audio notification will be shown. The video quality of the Google meeting is also enhanced. Hand automatically lowers when the participants complete speaking.

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Google will invent more advanced features of Google meet soon.

Some new features are written below:

  •  The hand rise feature is getting more advanced.
  • Now more than 250 participants can join a meeting. 
  • Live streaming is also available.
  • You can also record the meeting on Google Drive.
  • Security and privacy become more effective.
  • The meeting is end-to-end encrypted. 
  • You can use multiple devices to start one meeting.
  • Now you can share your meeting and record it very easily.

So in this article, we discussed some amazing features of Google meet including a new animated feature of hand raising,  Google also invented new features that are already discussed. Now go to the Google meet and enjoy your meeting with your friends and family and make your life more advanced. Have a happy meeting!


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