How Advancement In Technology Has Helped In The Medical Field


If we need to answer a question about which industry benefited most from the advancement in technology then the answer must the medical industry. For many years medicine surviving pathetically as no new advancements were there but due to technology new techniques, machines and medicines are being introduced day by day. This is the basic reason that the death rate of human beings decreases so much from the last few years.

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Different organizations are working to ensure that the health care industries benefit first from the new advancements and inventions. This all is done around the world to ensure the provision of better care facilities to every person on earth.


In the field of medicine and technology, one must see the collaboration of both industries as we have different medicines for almost all the diseases in this world. Not only medicine but due to genetic engineering, we have provided such advanced technology to the healthcare industry to research each and early part of the human body along with the research of every topic.

Different software is being made to cure different diseases by working on them. From large surgeries to small cell problems everything cured by working on the software for its diagnosis and treatment.


The most basic step in the field of medicine is to diagnose the problem. Many people in the past died due to wrong or late diagnosis of a disease. Many problems cause years to diagnosed by the physicians now diagnosed in the initial stages and this thing is saving the lives as well as the time of the physicians to cure a patient. Many improvements have been made in the machines for healthcare which provides better results for large organs as well as for cell treatments.


In this time of the pandemic, the most terrible time faced by the healthcare system as they can’t work properly but they can’t stop their working. In such a situation, a technique got the power which a consultation on a video call. 

Many patients consult doctors and get their medicine and treatment on time just by online consultation. This thing removes the burden of the hospitals as doctors can see more of the patients within a short period. Doctors can easily talk, understand, watch, and treat patients in their comfortable place rather than coming to hospitals in their hectic routines. Most of the patients get their treatment at home and become well at home without the hospital care and expenses.


The most recent invention in the healthcare system is the use of robots for medical procedures which are controlled by remotes. This means that an experienced doctor present in one part of the World can perform operations in the other part of the World just by operating a robot through software. This work is still in its initial stages but this done at the higher levels but with time and with more research and training.

Technology and medicine are moving side by side both of them are providing help to one and another. Both of them are facilitating humans. We must hope for the best and wish for a time where we become real advanced human beings in all fields.


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