How Eyes Can Be Protected From The Screen


We are living in an era, in which people depend on screens for all the work needed to be done in their lives. Most people spend their whole day looking at the screens for their work as well as for recreation.

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People don’t bother to care for their eyes and health rather the addiction to screens is always at the top priority. Most people spend hours and hours in front of the screen for work, then use cell phones during break time and watch TV in the evening with family and friends.

Screens can be very much damaging as they cause eye strain problems because of the extreme usage of screens, eyes become dry and continuously blinking due to the blue light emitted from the screens. Following ways are used to protect eyes from the harmfulness of the screens:

Minimize Usage:

The most important step that needs to be done is to minimize the use of the screen. It is difficult for the ones who work 24 hours in front of the screen, such people can’t do anything. The solution to this problem is that while working a person looks here and there just to take a break from the screens, this creates a huge difference. There is a trick which is known as a person must look 20 meters away after every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. It is also encouraged that a person must look at the non-screen activity after using the screen for a long time.

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Quality displayed Laptop:

A person must buy a good quality laptop which doesn’t cause damage to the eyes. A person needed to search for a good quality laptop which creates a large difference with the low-quality screen. A good quality laptop also has an option of brightness adjustment as this option is also automatic in some laptops according to outer light.

Lightning must be adjusted:

The lighting of the laptop is an important step to be adjusted if a person feels straining. Soft light is the most beneficial as it causes low damage and can help to work for hours and hours without the tension of pain and tiredness.

Distance is needed to be maintained:

It is another good idea that a person must maintain distance from the screen, the ideal distance is one arm’s length from the screen. There are more chances of damaging eyes if the screen is too close so that it is encouraged that the screen is slightly low.

Regular eye check-up is needed:

Doctor’s also prescribed its patients that if you work a whole day on the screen and feel headache, dry eyes, and blurriness then the person must see a doctor. If a person has no such symptoms even though he/she visits a doctor twice a year for a routine checkup.

The good news to hear is that people take eye problems seriously and follow such steps that help to protect them from the effects of the screen. In this time, people spend most of their time on the screen hence need more attention and care to eye treatment.

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