How Google’s New Search Warnings Help To Fight With Misinformation And Could Boost Media Literacy


Google has been marked negative for spreading false information, unreliable messaging service, and wrong guidance for a wide range of topics.

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As before Google always works to increase its consumer’s attraction by making useful amendments in its work.  

Google accepts its faults and works on them to wipe out the negativity from its workings. Now Google is working to introduce its audience to new features available for them in the updated version.

A new feature is introduced by Google which is that they are alerted by a notification sent by Google if their search results are inaccurate because of any reason. 

This update will help to remove the threat of misinformation and increase Media Literacy from society. It proves to be a big step that is initiated by ‘Big Tech’ which is an online platform to remove misinformation.

Big Tech explained in their blog post that they have worked hard on their system to detect the misinformation at the place where a lot of information is present to provide reliable search results. 

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Works on Context issues

Different research explained that more than 89% of the population of major countries get their news information online. It is important to give true and accurate news search results because a lot of users depend on these search results. 

To give the most reliable search result about the current events to such an audience is the mandatory action. Experts have openly declared that it is the responsibility of Google to work on misinformation and its accountability.

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Experts find the new search notifications important and helpful for the users because it adds context for the readers. Most people don’t even know how information changes in developing situations. It is noticed by the experts that the content on Facebook is nicely checked the same as Google is now providing the context credibility. Google just informs the users whether their search results are from a reliable source or not.

Orsak and Google are working in collaboration to wipe out the information especially spread around the world about Covid-19. Last year, misinformation about Covid-19 was highly discouraging, hence they work on the search engine’s functionality to prioritize reliable information by working on its algorithms.

Works on Trust issues

The President of professional journalists also confirmed that Google’s new work on removing misinformation is an encouraging start. Yet most people are alert about the future changes made in the search engine algorithms. 

The President of Journalists also adds that most of the journalists add ‘Breaking News’ to inform people that news is new and authentic, which informs the audience that this story is revolving around them.

It is important to know that news which breaks in the market before the event or during the event might be inaccurate so it is better to mention that ‘when the news update’ at the bottom to ensure that the credibility of the news is not much. 

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Media literacy along with journalist training will work to remove the misinformation from the internet which has just engulfed the trust of the audience from the online news results.

Experts also apologize that they are working to wipe out such issues from journalism as an important task. Hall, who is a big personality in journalism, also accepts and encourages Google’s new update about search results as he adds that it might become problematic if it is not handled in the best way. 

He adds that everyone should know what is reliable and which content is reliable. Google and Big Tech are gaining great power by working on great responsibility.

This article contains all the information regarding Google’s New Search warnings notification. If you want to know more about the Google search warnings then follow our official website for more knowledge.


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