How Technology Impacts Your Quality Of Life Both Positive And Negative Aspects


Technology has a huge impact on our quality of life. We have become dependent on technology from simple to complex work in our daily routines. From waking up in the morning to doing difficult job activities we all are dependent on different technologies for help, guidance, and assistance. This is creating an impact on our daily life positively and negatively.

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Technology has engulfed all the sectors in this era from security and safety to transport, health, socialization as well as productivity. The power of the internet is globally acclaimed by all the communities for the sharing and spread of mental health and privacy concerns. The internet is providing us the news and information and connecting us with our loved ones within no time. 

In the time of pandemic or when there was serenity, technology was creating a huge impact on our quality of life in a positive as well as negative way.

Advancement in Communication

Technology has just advanced the mode of communication of human beings from an old fashion telephone to the latest mobile phones. Now a small mobile phone present in the pocket can become the cause of communication between people present hundreds of kilometers far away.

The video call feature is much more advanced than voice call as watching a person present at so much distance is a miracle. This era of endemic advancement in communication creates a much more pleasant effect on the people as it feels so relieved to watch and listen to family members in lockdowns.

Lack of Private Premises 

We have become more social on social media and have just forgotten about the physical meeting and engagement. You will find people more active on social media than on their personal life. Shopping is mainly done on Amazon and friends get together are done on zoom, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. This creates a lot of information about us on the internet from credit card reports to medical reports. 

Accessible to any sort of Information

Our generation is capable of gaining any sort of information using Google and other search engines. Generation is very much open-minded and can gain a lot of information in just a few clicks within no time. 

They don’t need to go too far areas for knowledge and authentic books. But this is also creating a bad impact on the children as they are gaining adult information before their age. The generation is losing the innocence and childish behavior which was present in the people of the past.

Smart Health Opportunities

In the past, people had to suffer a lot to gain better health facilities. Now all the health facilities are being provided at a low rate of pain and money. There are better opportunities for humans because of which the rate of death is decreasing day by day. 

It is good that we are living in such an era where the life of human beings is very much valued but it is also increasing the world population. Due to an excessive increase in population people are suffering from a lack of food and water availability in poor areas.

Relaxation in Working

2020 has many worst memories in our mind but human beings will never forget the positive aspects of this year. First-ever in human history where all humans have done work from home and technology makes all things work amazingly from home. 

Nobody ever thinks that a work which is supposed to be done in collaboration with 10 people is now being performed at home individually. Technology has just provided relaxation to human beings that work which was done by 20 people in one day is now being done by five machines operated by one person.

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Technology was invented in such a way to facilitate human beings and now it is completely fulfilling this need. It depends on humans how they use the technology as technology is capable of improving the quality of life as well as capable of ruining the quality of life. In this way, a person can learn about the positive as well as negative impacts of technology on human life in the above article.


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