How To Activate Google Map Dark Mode On Devices


In this article, we are discussing new technology for navigation. Google has introduced the navigation platform name Google Map. 

Here we give you the information about the Google Map and its theme modes. What are interesting things in it. That facilitates you with the passage of time.

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Keep reading for more information. That is how Google Maps works and How to change the view mode. 

About Google Map

Google Map is a navigation web and app based platform offered by Google.

It offers satellite symbolism, flying photography, road maps, 360° intelligent all-encompassing perspectives on roads. 

Street View, constant traffic conditions, and course anticipating walking, vehicle, bike, air (in beta), and public transportation. 

Google Maps has more than 1 billion users worldwide in 2020.

Google Maps for Android and iOS gadgets delivered in September 2008 and highlights GPS turn-by-turn route alongside committed stopping help highlights. 

In August 2013, it resolved to be the world’s most well-known application for cell phones, with more than 54% of worldwide cell phone proprietors utilizing it in any event once.

If we are strangers in any place. We can’t find the destination where we go. So, don’t worry this app will help you to reach the final destination. 

By just simply add your current location and add drop-off location on the given tab. Google gives you the complete route by telling you the exact time and kilometer. 

Also, this app tells you the distance through car, train, bike, and bicycle. You can also see the satellite view and others. Also, a person can share a location with others. 

Now we talk about the different mode of Google Map,

Google Guide

Google Local Guides is a volunteer program dispatched by Google Maps to empower its clients to add to Google Maps. Now and then it gives them extra advantages and advantages for the work.

The program is halfway a replacement to Google Map Maker as highlights from the previous program incorporated into the site and app.

The program comprises adding surveys, photographs, fundamental data, recordings and amending data like wheelchair availability.

Following are the step by step instructions that give you the proper guide to turn on Dark Mode on Google Maps.

  • Open Google Map app
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the button Theme
  • Now you have three main options including dark mode
  • Then select the dark mode option to activate dark theme of Google Map
  • After saving the option move back to the main screen
  • Now you see the dark mode
  • You can also change your app theme as per your interest

You can also your mobile android device theme

  • Drag the menu from the top of the screen
  • Go to settings
  • Click on the Display button
  • Now turn on the Dark Mode to activate the dark theme on your mobile device
  • Enjoy the theme
  • You can also change the theme

We hope that you have got the point. How to change the dark mode on the Google Map app and on Your android mobile. Keep in touch with us for more updates and information. Follow us on social media.


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