How To Add A YouTube Video To your Google Slides Presentation Easily From Your Desktop


A presentation is an important tool used to convey a message to the audience. You have to work very hard to prepare your presentation but all of your hard work would fail if your audience is not paying attention to your presentation.

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While doing a Google slide presentation it is very necessary to keep your audience engaged. You have to add pictures and animations in your Google slide to get the attention of your audience. Another way of attracting audiences is by adding a video into the Google slides to make your presentation more interesting. If you are willing to know how to add YouTube videos to Google slides then this article is for you. 

How do you insert a YouTube video into Google slides?

Follow the given steps to add a YouTube video into your google slides presentation :

  • Access your Google drive on your computer and open the presentation by double-clicking on in which you want to insert the YouTube video.
  • When the presentation is open on the screen go to the slide on which you want to add a video. You can easily access all slides of your presentation from the left side panel of it.
  • While choosing the slide to add a video you have to ensure that there is enough space on the slide to insert the video. To insert the video click on the insert option from the top menu and then a drop-down menu will appear on the screen, select the video option from the menu.
  • Another windowpane will open containing an insert video dialogue box. Now you have three options to insert the video. Use the search option to search the video from YouTube to insert. You can use the URL option and then you just have to paste the URL of the video that you want to insert. The last option is through Google Drive where you can insert any non-YouTube video. 
  • For instance, I have the URL of the video then and I will go to the by URL tab and paste it in front of the “paste YouTube URL here option “.
  • After pasting the URL you will be able to see a video preview. It may take a few minutes to appear if the video is large. Hit the select button present at the bottom left corner of the dialogue box.
  • The video will be inserted in the slide so you can easily move and resize the video.  If you don’t know how to do it then simply click on the video and you will be able to see blue handles around the edges of the video now move the cursor over the video until your cursor looks like a crosshair. You can use the cross-hair cursor to drag the video to the spot where you want to keep it.
  • The video has been inserted in the right place. You can resize it easily by clicking on one handle of the video and dragging it,  if you drag the handle diagonally then the shape of your video will remain the same and the size will only increase. 
  • You can set the video to automatically play when the slide starts by using the video options panel. Firstly click on the video to select it and then from the toolbar select the video option and on the right side of the screen, the video options panel will open. Click the checkbox with the autoplay when presenting option and your video will automatically play when that particular slide opens.

 Is embedding YouTube videos illegal?

No,  embedding a YouTube video in Google slides is not illegal but if you have embedded an in-fingering video in itself then it is illegal.

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People add different attractive pictures, animations, and videos in the Google slide presentation to get the maximum attention of the audience. By adding a video into the presentation the speaker also gains some time to take a rest and to revise its notes while the audience is busy watching the video.

Visual representation of phenomena is more understandable as compared to theoretical knowledge. The above article provides step-by-step guidelines to know how to add YouTube videos to Google slides easily. 


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