How To Add Featured Photograph On Facebook Step By Step Guideline


Facebook is considered the most popular networking site of social media. You need to involve regularly to gain the features that are only available for regular users. In the first look, the featured photographs are not very attractive but it takes a lot of time to understand such features.

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If you don’t know about featured photographs of Facebook then this article would be very informative for you. As we are going to discuss how to add featured photographs on Facebook.

How do you get the featured picture back on Facebook?

The presentation of a featured photo is different from the ones that were before. You can update or add them in different collections but you need to know the correct process. The steps that involve how to add featured photos on Facebook are given below:

  • If you don’t have a computer then you can also add a new featured photo on Facebook just by moving to the Facebook application present in the mobile phone. Select the profile picture icon that would be present at the top left side of the screen. The profile picture icon will move you to the profile page. 
  • On the profile page, you need to move down and find the option of ‘featured’ collection which would be present above the option of ‘edit public details’. Select the ‘collection’ option and you will see a slideshow of all of your featured photos on Facebook.
  • You will find a button of ‘+add new’ at the lower right side of the screen and click on it. Select the option of ‘+add more’ and Facebook will move you to the camera of your device. Select the desired photo which you want to add to the featured photo list and in this way, the photo will be marked.
  • Select the ‘next’ button and at last, just select the save button to add the picture to the collection of featured photos of Facebook. This process will take only a few seconds to a few minutes for the user.

How do I have a featured collection on Facebook?

If you want to add a featured collection on Facebook then from the main page head towards the option of publishing tools. Under the option of the shop, you will find an option of collections and you need to click on it. In the menu of publishing tools you need to select an option of ‘Add Collection’. Now the system will ask you to name the collection according to your desire as you want to make it a public or private collection.

Now you are required to select the products of the collections by clicking the option of ‘add products’. At last, just select the option of ‘save’ when you’re completely done with the whole procedure.

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Why is my Facebook featured photos a story?

In the profile of a person, there is a section of featured photos that permits the user to choose different photos. It also allows users to highlight the stories of your profile so that people will know better and deeply about yourself. All the data whether it is a photo or video including stories would be publicly available.

Making the privacy public would be in a sense that everyone on the internet can see your photos and stories at any time on Facebook and can save your data using different tools.


A featured Facebook photograph is a very fresh feature as it can change the way a photograph is presented on the profile of a person. It also allows you to pick some of your photographs from your memories and this will be available for others to watch. You can also save your featured photographs on your profile and can see them in a slideshow with just one click.

Feature photographs have no time limitation as you can keep them as long as you want. Now you can also have the collection of featured photographs, rename them or make sets of them.


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