How To Add Page Numbers In Microsoft Word Step By Step Complete Guideline


Microsoft Word is a very popular application for people related to business. After writing any document you need to print it and for that, you need to put page numbers for easy reference. Adding page numbers would be very useful for the reader and the writer itself. 

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Microsoft has designed different applications, especially for office use. Not only designed, but Microsoft also redesigned them for the up-gradation and more attraction towards their tools. The latest application of Microsoft Word has a clean aesthetics with better working. People are still unaware of the basics like inserting page numbers in words.

How do I insert different page numbers in a word?

The steps that are required to add page numbers in a document of Microsoft word are described below:

  • Open up the Microsoft word application in Windows and head to the desired document. Select the ‘insert’ option that will be present in the main menu bar of Microsoft word. You will see an option of ‘Page number’ just click on it and you will find a preview of page numbers. 
  • Just glance over the preview of the page numbers to know how Microsoft Word has worked on its aesthetics. You need to check the position of the page number along with its preview. When you are done with it just apply the settings to the word document.
  • If You want to change the format of the page number then select the option of ‘format page numbers. You can also enable chapter number and many other options present in Microsoft word. Just click on the ‘ok’ option that will be present at the lower part of the screen to apply all the changes regarding page from words.
  • If you are a frequent user of Microsoft Word and you need to deal with page numbers frequently. Then open up a blank document and apply all the steps mentioned above. Select the ‘file’ option at the upper part of the screen and then the ‘save as’ option from the menu.
  • Save this file with the memorable name now whenever you want to insert page numbers you can open up this file and start working. You just need to save the word file with another name and the original document will remain the same.

Why can’t I insert page numbers in a word?

If you want to insert page numbers in Microsoft Word then you need to scroll down at the first page of the contents table. If you are not using the footer view or header view then you need to go to the insert tab option and select the footer. After selecting the photo option you need to select the edit footer option. It is important to keep in mind that the design tab must be selected. Place the cursor at the footer and select the page number option after that you can also select the option of format page numbers.

How to add numbers on page 3 in a word?

If you are facing problems inserting numbers on Microsoft Word then you need to follow some simple steps. Put the cursor of your device at the bottom of Page 3. Now select the option of insert and then click on the page numbers option.

You can also select the design of your own choice as Microsoft Word has its default designs. Select the option of format page numbers and then click on start at. In this way, you can easily insert page numbers in Microsoft Word specifically on page 3.


We work on Microsoft Word for business as well as educational purposes. Each purpose requires some basic steps to be known by the user for the best working and results. No matter if you are a Mac, Windows, or mobile user, you must know how to add page numbers in the file of a Word document.

It becomes very important for the person to work as an expert in technological applications. The simplest way to learn how to add page numbers in Microsoft Word is mentioned above. The process will become very easy for you if you follow the correct process in the described sequence.


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