How To Avoid The Continue Watching Feature Of Netflix


Netflix provides streaming services to their customers where they can watch different types of movies, tv shows, documentaries, and many other types of things.

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Netflix provides a ” Continue watching” feature in which it will save the information of the video anyone is watching and if he or she has to leave the video and after some time when the person opens Netflix then he or she can start from where he has left. 


It is a great feature, it does not cause any trouble or time wastage to search again the place you have stopped watching. But at the same time sometimes it becomes a curse. For instance, if you are watching something that should not be seen by others then if someone opens Netflix he or she can find it. 

It also becomes undesirable when you are using someone’s Netflix account. Sometimes the movie or show you start watching is not according to your taste and you stop it but again Netflix will recommend you to watch. Whatever the reason is, you can avoid this feature working from your Netflix easily.

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Delete title name 

The title of the video is added by Netflix in the ” continue watching” section of the Netflix account profile and to avoid the feature title is hidden. It takes almost 24 hours to completely disappear the title. You can do it easily on your mobile or PC but you can’t hide the title from Smart TV or other streaming devices and from children’s profile accounts also.

Follow the following steps to remove titles on Android.

  • Go to the ” Netflix app” and scroll down the home tab until you will find the ” continue watching” option.
  • Under continue watching heading. Click on the three-dotted option of that title you want to remove.
  • Press ” Remove from Row” and then tap on the ” OK” button and it will be deleted from the list.
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Follow the following steps to hide the titles on iOS devices.

  • Go to the profile from which you want to erase the items.
  • Tap the “more ” menu if you want to change the profile and press on Account to approach your Netflix account settings
  • Scroll down and press on your profile and select ” viewing activity”.
  • You will find a list of movies or shows you have watched. Mark the videos you want to hide by tapping on a circle adjacent to the title of that video. 

Follow the following steps to remove or hide titles from the Desktop browser:

  • Go to the Netflix website and choose the account by hovering the mouse on the arrow adjacent to the profile picture at the upper right side of the main screen.
  • Scroll down and select ” Viewing activity”
  • Select the circle of the movie you want to hide from the watch list.
  • In case you are hiding the title of an episode then you will find the option “Hide series” and by selecting it you can hide the whole series.

In the browser, you will not show the video in your continue watching section but there is a chance that you will get it in recommendations.


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