How To Boost Smartphone Battery Life Step By Step Complete Guideline


A direct relationship is that if you use more mobile phones you have to put more on charge and hence it will drain more charging. No matter how powerful your battery would be, it will not be able to hold the desire of a user in all the fields like music video calling, messaging, shopping, browsing, and playing.

Android mobiles are just like pocket-sized computers present in our hands. A  person cannot fulfill all the power needs of a device while charging it for only one time. Continuous charging and recharging of a device are needed to maintain the battery life and charging needs of a device.

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How can I increase my battery life?

Most people ask questions related to increasing battery life. We are living in an era where everyone is busy and wants the battery of a device to be long-lasting. A  battery with a bad life could be very hectic for a person because it might become dead at the hour of need. Some basic techniques for a person who wants to increase the battery life are given below:

The proper way of Charging

The battery of a device depends on the number of positive and negative ions present on the electrodes. It is encouraged not to go to 10% of charging but keep the charging between 30_80%. Charging devices from deep 10 to completely 100% will just ruin the battery health.

Managing Screen Brightness

The reason why the old devices don’t drain the battery much is due to the brightness management. Android devices have many drainage issues in their batteries due to the maximum brightness of a device. A  person can reduce the brightness by moving to the settings icon and selecting the ‘Display’ option. An option of brightness will be present and a person can select the brightness of the desired choice.

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Customize the app’s location

There are some apps on iPhone as well as Android mobiles that keep the location tracking on for the whole day. These location tracking apps can kill the battery life as much as they can because they keep the device working for the whole day.

Hence it is very damaging for the device battery health to keep on working day and night. A person can turn on location only while using Uber and maps but while using mobile for videos and music a person doesn’t need to turn on the location.

Search battery draining apps

Before a person changes the device or battery because of low battery health a person must find the reason for battery draining. If you are an Android user, move towards the settings of the device and then select the ‘Device Care’ option. In the device Care option, you must select the ‘Battery’ to see the complete report of a battery and the working of apps that consumes most battery.

Minimize Charge Cycle

If a person wants to increase the battery life then the basic step is to reduce the number of charge cycles. If a person uses more cell phones then this would create more charge cycles per day and less usage creates fewer charge cycles. For better battery life a person needs to reduce the battery consumption so that the battery should not be put on charge.

Can you improve phone battery health?

If you are an Android user and want to improve mobile phone battery health then you can avail the feature of ‘Power Saving Mode’ on the device. For iOS users, there is an option of ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ which a person can use to enhance the lifespan of a battery.

Is it bad to Charge your Phone to 100?

If a person finds its battery 100% then it is a very relaxing thing. People feel so relaxed after watching a 100% battery but it seems to be very dangerous for the battery itself. Experts also suggest that a person shouldn’t charge the battery completely to 100% because it may be harmful to the battery’s health.


Never leave a battery on charge for a complete night because it will ruin the battery life. If the battery is 100% and still you have put the device on charge then it takes more to go to 100% from 99%. The continuous cycle of 100 to 99% and 99 to 100% will just engulf the health of battery life.


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