How To Cancel Audible Subscription On App Step By Step Guideline


Audible Subscription is an expensive task. The most famous Audible Subscription is ‘Gold Plan’ which is $15 per month. In that plan, a person gets one credit each month. If a person has a desire to get more then he will get a book but the cost will also increase with its quality. 

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One book will be available at $20 or maybe $30 according to the titles. Most people just cancel their subscription after the free trial as they don’t want to spend their money, such people mostly start from Android or iOS devices.

On the other hand, people like to attain the Audible subscription after the free trial and complete their desire by spending money on it. After some time they want to cancel the Audible subscription but find themselves stuck in it. 

It is very difficult to cancel Audible subscriptions on mobile as it has been created difficult by the authorities. We will discuss how to cancel Audible subscriptions by using easy steps on mobile.

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Cancel Audible Subscription

A complete process that revolves around how to cancel an Audible subscription is done best on a computer. Sometimes a person may not find access to the computer to log in to your ID and then cancel the subscription. We have a quick and easy process for you in which you can cancel your Audible subscription using your smartphone.

Following steps are involved to cancel the Audible subscription using a smartphone as it mainly works on mobile browsers:

  • Tap on the browser app to open it and then move towards the Audible website. Sign in to your account on Audible, it is important to know that the process involves different steps because we are using the browser not the application to cancel the Audible subscription.
  • When a person is logged in to an account just click on the three dots available at the top left side of the main screen. The different options will be shown to the user after the above step, click on ‘My Account’
  • More options will be available for the user on the left side, select ‘View membership details’ from these options. Select three dots from the next web page, to change the layout of the webpage select the ‘select desktop site’ option.
  • After clicking the desktop mode, the web page will refresh again and the desktop mode of the page will be available on the screen. Viewers just need to zoom the screen to have a deep look at the option available on the screen.
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  • A person can see the Cancel button on the screen under the subscription plan now. Click the cancellation button and ‘Follow these steps to cancel the subscription. A message will appear on the screen explaining the scenarios that ‘If you cancel Audible subscription, you will lose your credits.
  • Click on ‘ No Thanks, continue canceling’ and this will cancel the Audible subscription.

What happened afterward?

If a person has canceled the Audible subscription then the person can again register for a subscription in the future at any time. The credits will not come back because it is the rule of the association hence a person must keep it in mind before cancellation. 

The books a person has purchased will be available on the account even after unsubscription and a person can read and access it anytime from the account.

If a person has unsubscribed due to the high fees of Audible then a person is in great fortunate. The fortunate is because at the point of canceling Audible asks the user why they are canceling the subscription. 

If a person selects the cause that ‘It’s too expensive’ then Audible gives special concession to such users. Special concession includes a 50% discount for the three months after unsubscription, it’s a great opportunity for the ones who changed their mind.

This article contains all the information regarding how to cancel the Audible subscription. If you find this topic interesting then follow our official website for the latest updates about this topic.


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