How To Cancel Downloads On An Android Step By Step


It happens with everyone that sometimes we start downloading a file or an application on our device. After some time we came to know that the downloading file is not the desired one. At that point, you want to know how to stop or cancel the downloading of this file as you don’t need it. But the unfortunate thing is that you don’t know how to cancel downloads. 

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Now you don’t need to worry about anything as you can stop this download and then delete it using very simple steps. The best solution is also present as you can reset the device which automatically defaults to different functions. Sometimes there was also a restriction on the download of some applications.

How to cancel a download on an Android?

If a person wants to learn how to cancel downloads then it involves two processes. One process involves the canceling of download from Google Play Store and the other process involves the cancellation of download from any other application.

Cancel from Play store

Different applications are present on Google Play Store that looks for other applications. If you accidentally tap on the ‘install’ button of any other application which you don’t want to download then nothing to worry about. Just tap on the ‘X’ that would be present beside the progress bar. This will immediately stop the downloading of any other application from Google Play Store.

Cancel from application

When a person starts downloading from any other application then there is not any straightforward process to stop the download. The most simple step is to turn off the Wi-Fi or your phone or you can also turn on airplane mode. A person can also download a file manager or any other third-party application. You can also pause the downloading and then delete it.

How do I stop a download in progress?

If a person wants to stop the download which is in the process then the steps are simple. You need to swipe down the screen from the top of the edge and then click on the cancel or pause button that will be present beside the downloading. If you want to stop something which is downloading from Play Store then tap on X that would be present beside the progress bar.

How do I delete a downloaded file?

It is not difficult to delete a download file as you just need to open up the files application and then move towards the downloads category. Now tap and hold for some time the desired file and then select the trash icon that would appear at the top of the screen. If you are an Android user then the system will ask you about the confirmation of your action and then you need to confirm it. You can delete any image, video, audio, or any other file that would be present in the files application.


Sometimes it is very necessary to know how to cancel a download as some files can cause a disturbance. Sometimes we have downloaded such files that are affecting the performance of our device. These files can slow down the working and sometimes disable different functions hence it is important to cancel the downloads. These all problems make it important to learn how to cancel downloads.


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