How To Cancel iCloud Storage From Your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Or Mac Computer


iCloud is a storage service of Apple devices that can synchronize a variety of data from all Apple devices including iPhones to iMac. You will even find iCloud for your Windows computers in the form of an app that enables you to synchronize your data from your Windows computer. By using it you can also backup your data automatically from any device. 

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When you bought an Apple phone and made your Apple ID on it then you will have built-in 5GB iCloud storage space. Sometimes users find 5GB of space is not enough to store all the data in the iCloud, then they upgrade their iCloud storage subscription and have to pay a fee every month. 

If you are looking for how to cancel iCloud storage then this article would surely help you. At any stage, you can cancel your paid iCloud storage easily even without Losing any data on it. You can cancel iCloud storage from your mobile phone or computer.

What happens if you stop paying for extra iCloud storage?

If you stop paying for the iCloud subscription you have upgraded or if you have more data than your paid storage plan then your iCloud will stop working. In this situation, it is recommended to store your important data from your iCloud to another space so if iCloud stops working you can access your important data. 

How do you cancel iCloud payments on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad?

Generally, when you cancel any package it has its effect at the end of your current payment period but Apple enables its users to use storage more than 5 GB for another 30 days so they can remove their data easily. You can easily cancel iCloud storage payment but it is hard to find and named as downgrading, follow the given steps to cancel it from your iPhone:

  • Tap on the Settings icon and go to your Apple ID by tapping on your Account name.  Select the iCloud option present at the tab of your Apple ID.
  • On an iCloud screen, you will find a storage bar graph, beneath it the “Manage storage” option is present, tap on it and select Change storage plan. On the next screen, you will find the option of Downgrade.
  • If a prompt will appear on the screen then enter your Apple ID password to log into your Apple account. After that you will be on the storage screen, select the free option from the Choose downgrade section. Then confirm your selection by tapping on “downgrade”.

How do you cancel iCloud payment on your Mac computer?

You can easily find the option to cancel iCloud storage on your mac by following the given steps:

  • Click on the Apple icon present at the top left corner and from the menu select system preferences. Click on the Apple ID option present at the upper right side of the system preferences tab. 
  • On your Apple ID tab select the iCloud option from the column on the left side and then click on the manage option present at the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  • Hit the change storage plan button present at the top right corner and then the upgrade iCloud storage page will open, from there chose the upgrade option present on the bottom left side. 
  • Type your Apple ID password if a prompt will appear on the screen and then you will be able to select the free option from the downgrade section. After selecting click on the done button present at the bottom right corner.


Apple provides 5GB of built-in iCloud storage space to their users but they can also upgrade the storage capacity of the iCloud by buying a monthly subscription package. After reading the above article you will be able to know how to cancel iCloud storage easily from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac computer

But when you have more than 5GB of data on your iCloud storage and you cancel your iPhone storage upgrade plan then there is a chance that your iCloud will not work properly. You have to delete enough data from iCloud that supports its working. 


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