How To Capture Screenshots For Android Phones With Chrome


Taking a screenshot for personal as well as business reasons is a hectic task to do as it needs editing and then sharing with another person. People became bored of such long procedures yet new and advanced procedures are in great demand by the users. 

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In the past, Google always worked to fulfill the demands of the users, in this case, Google worked again for its audience. A method introduced by Google using Chrome for taking screenshots with the best and easiest way ever in history.

This new tool is moving all over the internet for its best features and new updated version. The old process in which a person combines the volume button with the power button and holds it for seconds has become out of fashion.

People became more attracted towards the Google tool, as a person can easily take a screenshot on Android phones. If a person wants to take a screenshot while present on Chrome then Google tools is the best option.


The following process is used for taking screenshots while using an Android device

  • Move towards the Chrome app which presents on your android devices.
  • Then select the page you want to take a screenshot of and then hold on to that Page.
  • At the upper right side of the screen, there would an option of a menu button. Three dots at the upper right side also hints towards the option of a menu button.
  • In the menu button, there would an option of ‘Share’ select that option.
  • At the lower part of the screen, there appears a toolbar. In that toolbar an option of ‘screenshot’ will appear, select that option.
  • By selecting this option, a person takes a screenshot of the working on the screen at that present moment.


When a person has taken the screenshot then at the lower part of the screen different tools appear by Chrome. These tools are specifically for the advantage of the users including the crop, Undo, Next button, adding a text box, and changing the font color are some tools from that tools list. In these tools, there is an option of drawing in which a person can easily use some art tools, change the line size, and color-changing ability of the lines drawn.

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The option of crops allows you to cut the image into a certain specific part and can share it with friends and can save the important portion of the news. When a person is done with the editing of the screenshot then a few steps need to take.

The checkmark icon which is present on the screen needs to select to move to the previous page on which we are working. At the upper right part of the screen, there lies an option of the next button by selecting that option a person moves towards a further 3 options.

The 3 options are listed in a way that the first option is the sharing of the screenshot to others, the second option is to save the screenshot on your device and the last option is to delete the screenshot.

This technique is somehow unnecessary to the ones who use it very rarely but the ones who are habitual of taking screenshots all the time are in relief. Pressing different buttons is a tricky task for the ones who work on chrome a lot while this feature is very easy for them. 

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