How To Change A Car Battery Step By Step


A car battery is an important part of a vehicle’s engine. It is considered as part which keeps the system running in all situations. If a person sits idle and just listens to the sound of the car’s engine then that person can easily recognize between an old car battery vehicle and a fresh battery vehicle.

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The good news is that if a person happens to face the dead battery of a car then replacing it is not a big task. A dead battery has two options: number one is to recharge the battery, number second is to replace the battery. The process to replace a battery is an easy task until you know the exact process.

If you don’t know how to change a car battery then this article will help you. The article contains step by step guidelines regarding how to change car battery:

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If a person works on how to change a car battery then the first thing that needs to be in mind is that we are dealing with electricity. To protect yourself from the dangers of spark and electrical shock the following measures are needed to be done:

  • It is encouraging that a person uses rubber gloves while dealing with electricity to reduce the fear of shock and electrical burn.
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  • Never try to mingle all the wires by your choice. Attach the exact cables where they were present before and avoid attaching the wrong wires as it may cause a fire.
  • If you are replacing a battery and the battery is leaking or damaged then the best way is to hire a professional rather than doing it by yourself. It may be dangerous as the battery is not stable.

Process of removing the old battery

If you know the exact process of how to change a car battery then the process of removing the old batteries is very easy. Following steps are needed to remove the battery from the car:

  • There is a negative sign at one terminal of the battery. Remove that terminal of cable from the battery, it depends on the design of the battery because you may need a wrench to first lose the cable. 
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The cable with the positive sign is the positive terminal of the battery, remove it from the battery. If you are using a wrench to remove the positive terminal of the cable from the battery then it is important to know that it doesn’t make contact between metal and a cable because it may cause a spark.

  • Lose the battery connectors, holders, and fasteners that are responsible for keeping the battery in one place. Take out the battery from the car, if it feels heavy then take some help. Put the dead battery aside in a safe place.

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Process of installing the new battery

The important step is to install a new battery in the car. The steps that involve how to change car battery are given below:

  • The first step is to clean the clamps if you find any dirt and corrosion then clean them thoroughly. A person needs a brush, water, and baking soda to clean the clamps as well as terminals.
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  • Put the battery in its original position and secure it by fastening its holders and connectors. First, connect the positive terminal of the battery then connect the negative terminal of the battery.
  • The last step is to test the battery by turning on the electronics of the car. If everything is fluently working then it means the battery is correctly installed and a person can use the car.

Hacks to increase battery life

The following tips will help to increase the battery life and keep your pocket at ease:

  • If you find your battery is dead you don’t need to replace it at present, rather the last trick can be done to check whether the last spark is present in it or not. You just need to open up the battery‘s top with great care and put 2 drops of Aspirin in the battery. The active ingredients of the aspirin will be enough to start a chemical response in the battery.
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  • It is important to know that the cold weather is very harmful to the car’s battery. It is encouraging to remove the battery from the car and clean the battery thoroughly before winter. Apply petroleum jelly to the parts where the threat of corrosion would be possible and the jelly will protect the parts from corrosion as well as keep working in the cold weather.

This article will provide information regarding how to change a car battery. If you want to know more about this topic then follow the official website and if you find any query then feel free to ask questions in the comment box.


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