How To Change A Lightbulb Step By Step


Because of living in the era of technology we all are dealing with different electrical gadgets. Almost every gadget needs to be replaced or repaired from time to time for better working. Electrical gadgets are needed to change and a person needs to know the correct process along with the sequence to change light bulbs. Step-by-step guidelines of how to change light bulbs are given below.

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The process to change light bulbs is easy as the steps are straightforward. It is important to mention that there are some things that a person keeps in mind as a safety measure during the process of changing light bulbs. A little negligence can cause great problems for the house as well as for the person itself. 

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How do you change lightbulbs?

Safety is our main concern in the process to change light bulbs as it is encouraged to turn off the power completely. The steps that involve how to change light bulbs are given below:

  • Simply turn off the circuit breaker or the fuse of the location where you are going to change bulbs. After turning it off you are encouraged to check whether electricity is present at the place or not. Different electricity indicators are available in the market to check the presence of electricity.
  • A person should wait for some time after turning off the bulb so that the bulb would get cold. You will burn your skin if the bulb is very hot. Due to the combination of cold hand and hot light bulb then it would create a great loss for a person.
  • Experts also suggest that a person also use a step ladder in the process to change light bulbs as it reduces the risks. Some people also use chairs, tables, or different materials instead of step ladders as it is dangerous. A stable location is needed for a person as anything with wheels can cause the fall of a person.
  • Removing the dome to change the light bulb is an important step as you gain access to the bulb after this step. Grip the dome with the fingers and then twist it in the clockwise direction. Some bulbs have screws that are easy to remove without causing any risk.
  • Now is the time to unscrew the bulb as a person faces different scenarios at that time. Some bulbs only need to pinch and then twist in the clockwise direction. Some others are socket systems. During the process to change light bulbs a person must keep in mind that it is made of glass hence it is fragile and can be very dangerous.
  • Replacing the bulb is simpler than the steps mentioned above as you need to focus on only a few factors. A bulb must be replaced with the correct voltage as if it is not right then this can create many problems.

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  • Can you electrocute yourself by changing a lightbulb?

Yes, a person can electrocute himself by changing a light bulb. This can be done because of many reasons during electric bulb changing. While changing a light bulb different risks can be faced by a person and electrocuted is one of them. A person needs to consider different aspects to save the body from such hazardous risks so that life would not be threatened.

Do you need to turn off the power when changing the light bulb?

Yes, a person needs to turn off the power during the process of changing a light bulb. It is the most attentive thing during the process of changing light bulbs. Light bulbs are very fragile in their structure and the hands of a person are probably cold as compared to the hot light bulb. It may be possible that the light bulb exploded because of the combination of cold hands and hot bulbs. 

The most encouraged method to change lightbulbs is to turn off the power completely before starting the process of changing light bulbs. When a person says to completely turn off the power then it means that the fuse or the circuit breaker of the place should be turned off.


In the process to change light bulbs, a person keeps in mind the disposal of the replaced bulb. Bulbs are needed to be disposed of in such a way that they may not cause any problem for others. Experts suggest that rather than throwing light bulbs right in the garbage it is better to pack them in a plastic bag so that it may not cause harm.


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