How To Change App icons On iOS 14 By Following Simple And Reliable Ways


As the world is developing day by day. Every mobile phone model is in the race to improve its features so that people buy their phones. For this purpose, experts are always busy developing new and amazing features that are liked by users. 

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If we have a look at different mobile phones or Operating systems then we will notice a lot of amazing features that are almost different in different mobiles models.

In this article, we will discuss how to change the app icon. This is an amazing feature. Before knowing about how to change the app icon, a person must know what is meant by changing the app icon. Let us talk about changing the app icon.

Changing the app icons means that we have the facility to change the icons of the app according to our choice. The icons of the app remove our desired picture from the camera roll, taking the place of that icon. Here are the steps about how to change app icons:

Changing App icons: 

IOS 14 is providing its users a great facility to utilize the home screen according to their choice. We can add or remove options from the home screen easily by following simple ways.

We can also change the icons of apps to pictures from our camera roll. If a person wants to use his picture or any other picture on the app rather than its icon then he can easily change it by following simple ways.

Before changing the icons of the app, the user must have to remember some conditions like he has to collect sufficient pictures for icons of all the apps. Let’s have a look at the steps about how to change the app icon.


Here are the steps a person can follow to find out how to change the app icon:

  • Tap on the app named ‘Shortcuts’. If a person doesn’t have this app on his device then he must have to download it from the Apple app store. Some new phones already have this app but some don’t have it. At the upper right shortcut of the app, a sign ‘+’ will appear. Select it. A new page will appear. Then tap on the option ‘ Add shortcut’ on a new page.
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  • Then we will see a search bar at the top of the screen. We have to type ‘Open app’ on the search bar to search for the action that helps to open the app. Click on the option ‘Open app’ that appears in the section of actions. Then click on the option ‘Choose’ from the scripting action
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  • Now a list of the apps will appear. Select the app that shortcut we want to create. Then the name of the app will start appearing in the scripting section. Now we have to click on the three dots at the top of the screen. Click on ‘ Add to home screen’.Select options X so that we can erase the text and add the new name for the icon.

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change ,apps, icons ios ,change app icons ios 14 shortcut,change app icon size ios 14
  • Now click on the icon for the shortcut. Click on the option ‘ Choose photo’. From here we can select the picture and can also adjust it according to our choice. After doing all the stuff, tap on ‘Choose’.Then click on ‘Add’. Now we will ask to confirm the actions. After confirming we can view the icon of the app selected by us by moving to the home screen of the device.

Similarly, we can select the icon of all the other apps by following the above steps. After reading this article a person will learn about how to change the app icons.

We hope that you will also learn from this article and it proves to be helpful for you. Please follow our websites for more articles.


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