How To Change Language Of Google Chrome Using Desktop Or Mobile Phone


Google has given a lot of features and workings to its users to make their working experience more flourishing. Google also allows its users to change the language on Google Chrome along with all its services so that they can understand it better. A person can also change the language on the Google Chrome browser directly from the page using different techniques.

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If a person wants to change the built-in language of Google Chrome it is not a very difficult task. A person just needs to know the exact process in the correct sequence to change the language on Google Chrome.

Another feature of Google Chrome is that you can also add more than one language in your Google browser to avail of different services. Hence to change the language on Google Chrome would be very beneficial.

Change Language on Google Chrome using Desktop

The steps that are involved to change the language on Google Chrome using desktop are given below:

  • Move towards to sign in to your account if you are not logged in before. Select the ‘Data and Personalization’ option present on the screen. Under the option of ‘General Preferences’ select the ‘Language’ option present there.
  • Select the pencil icon if you want to edit the default language from English to your desired language. Type the name of the language you want to set or you can keep on scrolling until you find the desired language from the given options. When you find the desired language, select it and click ‘Select’.
  • If you want to add another language on Google Chrome then select the ‘Add another Language’ option and repeat the whole process for adding multiple languages.

Change Language on Google Chrome using Mobile

A person can also change the language on Google Chrome using an Android device or an iPhone. Both Android devices and iPhones follow the same process to change the language on Google Chrome. Android users just need to follow a few initial steps in the beginning while the remaining process is the same. 

Android users move towards the ‘Settings’ of the device and select ‘Google’ from the given options. On the Google, account profile select an option of ‘Manage your Google account’ which would be present under the email of the profile icon. Select the ‘ Data and Personalization’ option from the upper bar. 

If you are an iPhone user it’s very easy to change the Google account language settings. Move towards the Gmail application in the device and tap on the profile picture which would be present at the upper right side of the screen. Select the option of Google account and from that point, you can access the option of data and personalization settings.

How to Change the Language back to English?

If you are an Android user then move towards the settings of the device and select the system languages and input option. If a person won’t find this option then you must find the personal option from the settings and you will find the system language and input option under it.

Select add a language option and choose the desired language from the given option. It is encouraged to drag the desired language at the top of the list so that it will become easy to choose it again and again.

Why is my Google Chrome in another Language?

It is encouraged to start the menu of settings and scroll down until you find the option of language. From the preferred languages, you are required to select the option of displaying Google Chrome in this language. Select the desired language for working in the future and when you restart the browser the newly selected language will start showing its working on the Chrome browser.


People also face different problems when they move towards changing the language on Google Chrome. It also happens with the person that the language of data doesn’t work on Google Chrome so in this case a person is encouraged to restart the device or clear the cache and cookies.

If a person’s language is not listed in the options given by Google then a user is suggested to move towards the second language option which would be present below the primary language option.


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