How To Change Mouse Sensitivity For The Best Experience Of Gaming


The sensitivity of a mouse has a great impact on the working and usage of the device. When the sensitivity of a mouse is very low then you have to spend a lot of time doing small work. A person becomes more exhausted and annoyed while using an insensitive mouse. 

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If the sensitivity of a mouse is very high then you might start overshooting the things. The person may click undesired files and over sensitivity feels like the Control of the mouse. Hence a person needs to maintain the sensitivity of a mouse at a constant level so that you may not feel exhausted or over Control. 

There is a quick guideline which is given below to give a set of instructions based on experience.

How to change mouse sensitivity for gaming?

If a person wants to change the sensitivity of a mouse for gaming or any other purpose then it is an easy process. In the process of changing mouse sensitivity specifically in Windows, the settings are mainly known as cursor speed and the steps are given below:

  • Select a button of ‘Windows’ that would be present on the taskbar and then click on the ‘Settings’ icon which looks like a gear icon. On the other hand, a person can also give command of ‘Windows + i‘ and this will open up the settings of the windows. Now select the ‘Devices’ option that would appear on the screen. 
  • Click on the ‘Mouse’ option that would be present at the middle left side of the screen. Now you need to drag the bar which would be present under cursor speed to adjust the sensitivity. If a person drags the bar too far away then this will enhance the speed of the cursor to a much higher level.
  • It becomes very difficult for you to control the mouse if the speed is high or very low. Most people suggest that the windows mouse sensitivity should be at 8 or people can adjust high or low according to their desire. 

It is encouraged to set the sensitivity of a mouse from low to high-level step by step. Step by step increase will help a user to enhance it in a more comfortable way rather than just jumping to a very high or very low level.

What is a normal mouse DPI?

Each mouse has its specific DPI count as there are some mice in the market which allow a user to change DPI while others don’t. A person can change the DPI by pressing a simple button using an application present in the device

Normally a regular computer mouse worth $10 to $20 has a DPI count of 800 to 1600 DPI. It is important to mention that if you have bought an expensive mouse then the DPI would be very high.

Is sensitivity the same for all games?

No different games have different sensitivity levels. If a person wants to achieve the same sensitivity for every game then it is a great decision. As a person, get a better gaming experience in all the games and will be able to deal with the incorrect shots and missed moments. 

As sensitivity varies according to the game so a user needs to deal with it. If you want to achieve the same movement then you have to move the mouse at different distances so that a safe moment would be achieved.


People like to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, especially in games as sensitivity must be low in shooter games while it aims to be high in FPS games. Low sensitivity will help a user in adjustment without shooting the target at once. While high sensitivity helps how to move more frequently and precisely in FPS games. A person will become able to adjust the sensitivity of a mouse by reading a quick guideline which is mentioned above.


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