How To Change Signature In Outlook By Using Mobile Phone Or Desktop Version Of Outlook App


In outlook, signatures are standardized text added in every message you send. People use unique and interesting signatures in outlook so they look more professional. Signatures also provide all-important contact information to the email recipients and you don’t have to write it again and again whenever you need to send an email. If you want to add a signature in outlook or want to get an outlook update signature then you can do it easily as described in the given article.

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How do I change my signature in the outlook desktop app?

Follow the given steps to add a signature in outlook settings by using your desktop computer so that whenever you send an email signature will automatically add into the footer:

  • Go to outlook Application on your desktop and click on the file from the top menu and again select the file option. A new screen will open, choose ” options” from the left column.
  • A new outlook option window will open, click on the “Mail” option from the left navigation pane. On the right side, you will find the option of signature in the compose message section. 
  • After that, a new signature and a stationary window will open, on the email signature window click on the “New” button to add a signature in outlook. Type the signature you want, you can make many signatures like one for personal and the other for professional emails. You can add your signature in different font styles or even add pictures in it by using the editor tool.
  • You can select whether the added signature will be used for replying to the message or for the new messages by selecting the signature in the “new messages” or “replies/forward” option present at the right side of the signature and stationery window. When you are done click on the “ok” button present at the bottom right side on the signature and stationery window

How do you add a signature to outgoing emails?

If you have added many signatures into the outlook settings then while creating your new emails you can select any signature according to your choice from the include section on the ribbon. Follow the given steps to get an outlook update signature by changing it in the email messages:

  • You can do it by following two ways, in the stationery First, from the menu choose messages while editing an email, and then click on the signature option present in the “include” section of the upper ribbon. A drop-down list will appear containing signatures, select the one you want. 
  • In a second way, go to the signature and stationery window by following the steps as mentioned earlier and then from the “Select signature to edit pane” choose the signature and it will be open in the editor pane and you can easily edit it, then hit the ok button. 

How do I change my email signature on my phone?

If you want to add a signature in outlook or to get an outlook update signature on your mobile phone by using the outlook mobile app then follow the given procedure:

  • Go to the outlook app on your mobile phone and open the menu by tapping on the menu icon present at the top left side of the screen. Select the gear icon to open settings.
  • A new screen of settings will open, scroll down until you find the mail section. Select signature from the mail section. On the next signature window, you will be able to type your new signature by using the keyboard but just like on the desktop you can’t add pictures or signatures in different font styles. 
  • Tap on the Done button and your signature will be saved. Now it will be set by default and whenever you want to send a new email it will be automatically added to the bottom of the email.


Outlook enables its users to make and add signatures into their emails easily by using a desktop or mobile apps. You can add a new signature into the outlook settings or you can edit any previously added signature easily by using the procedure described in the above article. 


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