How To Change The Android Keyboard Back To Normal By Simple Steps


Generally, your Android phone contains an inbuilt keyboard but some people prefer some third-party keyboards to download and install. You can customize your own keyboard to get a new attractive keyboard. Maybe you would not be satisfied after changing your old Android keyboard to your new third-party keyboard and you want to switch it to the old one. 

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This article would be a great help if you are interested in knowing how do I change my keyboard back to normal / how to restore my android keyboard? Or how do I fix my android keyboard?

How to change the keyboard back to normal on an Android device?

Sometimes your keyboard disappears and you will be worried about thinking What happened to my keyboard? There are many reasons due to which the real keyboard may be disabled or turned off. To check this open the Settings app and go to Google keyboard and tap on it you can enable it from there. 

If it looks like you have lost your keyboard and you are willing to know how do I recover the lost keyboard? The answer is that you can download keywords from the Google play store of your Android device and after installing it you can access its settings under the section of language and input your android phone settings. 

You can easily change your Android keyboard back to normal from your phone’s settings by following the given steps:

  • Tap on Settings App and scroll down until you find the option of “personal” or “language and input”. In the language and input section scroll down until you find “keyboard and input methods”. It will contain all the keyboards installed on your Android phone in a list form.
  • Find which keyboard is set to default and then you can select the keyboard that you want to act as the default keyboard. 
  • From here you can also change the settings of any installed or default keyboard by pressing the setting button present in front of the name of the keyboard then go to “appearance and layouts” and tap on “theme” to change the appearance of your Android keyboard. 

How can I change the Samsung keyboard back to normal?

If you are using a Samsung mobile and willing to change its keyboard back to normal then go to Apps of your Samsung mobile phone and tap on the settings icon. Scroll down until you find the option of language and input then in the language and input section you will find the Samsung keyboard in the section of keyboard and input preferences. 

After tapping it you have to scroll down to find the reset settings option, by using the reset keyboard settings option you will be able to reset all the keyboard settings to their default mode.  

How change desktop keyboard back to normal? 

You can get your desktop keyboard back to its normal mode by pressing control and shift keys at the same time. To check that the keyboard is back to normal press the quotation mark key. And if it is still acting as earlier then repeat the process. (image)

How to get rid of the popup keyboard on my android?

You can disable the popup keypress function on your Android phone from settings. Go to the personal section of your settings and tap on language and input then select the visual keyboard and choose the Gboard option. After that you will find the option of pop up on keypress in the preferences of the menu slide the toggle and pop up on keypress feature will be off. 


Besides using inbuilt keyboards of your android phone you can download and install third-party keyboards from the google play store. And in case you are not satisfied and want to get back to your android keyboard then you can easily do it from the settings of your android phone as is described earlier in the above article.


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