How To Change The Background Image Of The Google


Google always works to provide its users best and the most latest updating features on its search engines. It mostly focuses on the features present on the search engine and the results provide by that search results. Google just wiped away the old features and entertained users with the advanced and attention-grabbing features.

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Most people are bored of the google homepage background while working on it. They like to change the image just to increase the attention during the working hours. Sometimes people know the process or the process they know is not right. The simplest way to change the background image of Google is following:


While watching the old while search box is quite old in fashion and no attraction to the users now. So google works to increase the likeness in their work by introducing such themes and background photos that are liked by the audience. It is not a long and tricky process but a person needs to know the correct sequence of the steps. Google chrome is needed to use for this no other browser support such changes.

Step 1

The first and foremost step in it is that a person needs to confirm that this only works in the Google Chrome browser. If a person is using some other browser then a chrome browser is needed to open for this feature.

Step 2

Then the next step moves towards the chrome preferences, for this a person must select the 3 dots option which is present at the top of the screen. If a person is using a Mac, then the Chrome preferences would present at the upper left corner of the screen which needs to select.

Step 3

The appearance option present on the left side of the screen of the device. Select that option to watch the appearances of different photos.

Step 4

At the upper part of the screen after the appearance, there are different options, one of them appears as ‘Themes’. If a person already the setup of themes then the themes option appears below it. But if the setup is not present then at the right side there is an arrow-shaped which directs the user towards the Chrome Web store.

Step 5

The next option is to just select the photo which a person likes, the option includes the dark themes, high contrast, and color transitions along with many more. There would so many options in the store that the person very confused at that time. To get rid of the confusion it is encouraged that the person must read the reviews of the themes before selecting them. The reviews explain totally how the theme works and how it is going to look on the screen.

The most important thing is that the theme not only changes the browser image but also the tabs that close to the search engines. It is good enough that a person watches the theme before applying as it did not disturb the fluent browsing experience of the user.

Step 6

For the confirmation of the theme, a person must click on the ‘Add to Chrome’. If a person selected the theme and added it, then this theme automatically adds to the chrome browser and the user can experience the change after it.

Move to the homepage for the confirmation of the theme, if it is not applied then again follow step 6. If a person wants to set the old white theme then move to step 4 and select the default option. This is how a person can change the google homepage background easily.

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