How To Change The Display Or Profile Picture Of Your Instagram Account From Your Android Or iPhone


Profile or display pictures are a symbol of our personalities on social media. Whenever we comment or like a post on any social media our profile picture always shows along with our username. Anyone searches your profile on Instagram then a lot of Instagram accounts will appear in the search list, and you will be easily recognized by your profile picture. 

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Your profile picture is visible on the left side of the Instagram profile of a user. People took the first impression of your personality from the picture you have displayed on your Instagram profile. So your Instagram profile picture must be attractive and stunning to impress anyone. If you want to know “How do I change my profile picture on the Instagram app? Then read this article.

If a person joins Instagram as he or she has created her Instagram then the person will upload a profile picture on his or her profile page. Sometimes any old user wants to change his or her profile picture. Maybe he or she found a good new one. So the question arises: How to change profile pictures on Instagram? You can change your Instagram profile picture easily by following some simple steps.

Change Instagram profile picture on an iPhone

Follow the given steps to change your Instagram profile picture on your iPhone:

  • Go to the Instagram application present in iPhone and then select your profile icon. on your profile page, you will find your profile picture, and adjacent to your profile picture option of “Edit profile” will be present. Tap on that option and then select the option of “Change profile photo” present at the top of the screen. 
  • Then you can select a picture from your gallery or you can take a new one. Adjust the picture after selecting it, you can edit it here also then Tap on the “Done” option and the picture will upload to your Instagram account.

Change Instagram profile picture on Android

Follow the given steps to change your Instagram profile picture from your android phone easily:

  • Open the Instagram app on your android phone and go to your profile page by tapping the icon of the profile which is at the lower right side of the main screen. On the profile page, the “edit profile” option is present in the middle of the screen. Tap on the change photo option that appears on the new screen below the profile picture. 
  • You can upload an image already present on your phone or you can take a new one. Select the location from the gallery if you are uploading an already-present picture. After selecting the picture you can edit it or change filters. Adjust the position by using the tools. When you are done then tap on the blue arrow present at the upper right side of the screen and your Instagram profile picture will be changed.

Why can’t I change my profile picture on Instagram?

You are trying to change your profile picture and every time you fail. And a prompt will appear on the screen that notifies “Sorry we couldn’t update your profile picture” then you can fix this issue easily. Go to your internet browser and open the n Instagram website.

On it log into your Instagram account and Change your profile picture from the website. After changing your Instagram profile picture on the web version of Instagram then go to the app and refresh your profile and you will notice your new profile picture will be uploaded.


Profile pictures are mirroring our personalities on social media apps. You can easily change your Instagram profile picture from your iPhone or Android device. If you find any errors then go to the Instagram website and try to change your profile picture there. 


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