How To Change The Profile Picture Of Zoom Using Mobile Devices And Desktop


Sometimes the picture that we have adjusted as a profile picture on Google account is not likely to be the picture on the Zoom application. Zoom is considered a very flexible application, hence a person wants to put some specific picture related to this application. A person can use a mobile whether it is Android or iOS along with a desktop to change the profile picture of an application.

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When a person tries to make an account on the Zoom application then it is important to put a profile picture for identification of the account. After some time the person also thinks about how to change the profile picture of the zoom account, then the answer is very simple. A person can easily change the profile picture of a Zoom account in just a few steps by following the correct procedure.

How do I change my zoom meeting profile picture on my phone?

The steps that are involved in changing the profile picture on Android devices are given below:

  • Tap on the Zoom application and head towards the ‘settings’ of the account. Now select the profile picture icon and the device will ask you whether you want to take a picture or want to upload a picture from the device.
  • If you select the picture from the file manager then it will take you to your gallery. Now you can select the desired picture from your device and upload it. After confirming the action the picture would automatically change and a person can witness it on the profile icon.

How to change zoom pictures on the computer?

The zoom application for Windows has many features in it along with dark mode. To change the profile picture using Windows application requires certain steps which are given below:

  • Click on the Zoom application present in the windows and then select the profile icon that would be present at the upper right side of the screen. A user must head towards the ‘Settings’ option that would be present in the profile menu and move down to see the option of ‘Profile’. 
  • Click on the option to ‘edit my profile and this will head towards the interface of the zoom account. At that point, the zoom will ask about the authentication or you need to again sign into the account. Now select the option of ‘Profile’. Now select the recent profile picture and then click on the ‘change’ option.
  • You need to select the desired profile picture from the device and you can upload a picture of a maximum of 2MB. After confirming the action a person may see the changed profile picture in the profile icon of the zoom application.

Why can’t I change my zoom profile picture?

If a person is facing a problem in changing the profile picture then it is important to change the settings. To gain access to the profile menu of the Zoom application it is important to first select the picture which you want to set as a profile picture. 

Login to the zoom account and then click on the Settings option. Select the profile option and you will see an option to change the profile picture. Click on it and the system will ask you about the location of the picture.

How to change profile picture on zoom application without logging in?

To change the profile picture without signing in, a person needs to select the option of ‘change my picture’ from the main menu of the Zoom application. In this way, a user moves towards the web version of this application and then needs to select the ‘change’ option on the profile picture. Select the ‘upload’ option and you need to select the desired picture from your device. By confirming the action, the user successfully updates the profile picture of the device.


Zoom is an application that is used by different people related to different fields especially in the time of the pandemic. A person always tries to update this application in different ways to improve the information. The above-mentioned steps will guide you to change the profile picture in the Zoom application using a desktop or Android device.


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