How to Change TikTok Profile Picture easy and quick steps


A profile picture explains the whole personality of the person. It also depends upon a person’s mood and nature, along with it good events and mood are also celebrated by changing profile picture according to the event. 

Most people just don’t like to change their profile picture while others spend hours and hours thinking about it. The profile picture is your first impression that goes onto a person whosoever is watching it.

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Different social media sites allow different processes for their users to change and post pictures on the wall. Instagram is at the top if a person just talks about pictures but as you move from pictures to small videos the lead role will move towards TikTok. This app allows the users to show their hidden talents just by working on their audio and video skills.

Process 1

When a person newly starts using an app it always needs some time to get yourself expert in it. People just focus on a few things at the start but start working on deep roots with time. If a person wants to change the profile picture then the following process is needed to be followed by the person:

  • Tap on the TikTok app present in the smartphone and move towards the profile page of the user. A person can just directly click on the ‘Me’ Option present at the bottom of the screen to move to the profile page.
  • At the bottom of the profile picture, there would be an option of ‘Edit Profile’ select that option.
  • Select the ‘Change Photo’ Option if a person wants to change the profile picture but a video can be uploaded by selecting the option of ‘Change Video’.
  • Further options will appear after it as to whether you want to Upload a previously clicked photo or want to click a photo right now or just want to edit the profile photo.
  • Select the ‘Confirm’ option, if you want to confirm this action again select the tick mark which will appear in the pop-up notification of confirmation.

Process 2

It is important to know the minor details and basic procedures about an app a person wants to use daily. If a person wants to skip the process of edit a profile picture then another process is present as a solution to change the profile picture:

  • Open the Tik Tok app and move to the profile page.
  • Click on the profile picture, this will open the current profile picture of the user.
  • There would be a ‘Change’ option at the bottom of the current profile picture of TikTok, select that option.
  • This will direct a person to select a photo from the gallery or click a new photo for the profile picture.
  • A person can confirm this action and will change the profile picture in a few steps.

This article gives information regarding the change of profile picture on Tiktok. If you want to learn more then visit our website to get yourself updated about the articles.


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